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Alex Asigno
Alex Asigno

2006 YZF-R6: The Art of Aerodynamics

2006 Yamaha R6
Third generation R6
Yamaha announce the launch of the third generation YZF-R6, which is undoubtedly the most radical and advanced new middleweight supersport ever produced. In addition to its new engine, chassis and bodywork, the third generation R6 features a sophisticated new Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle (YCC-T) developed from our MotoGP bikes. This new ‘fly-by-wire’ throttle technology represents a first for the motorcycle market, and its debut on the new R6 is one of the most exciting developments in the middleweight supersport category for many years.
Seven years of success
Originally launched in 1999, the first R6 made its presence felt immediately in the European marketplace. With its class-leading engine and chassis designs and aggressive R-series styling, the first generation R6 model proved to be the most exciting performer on twisty roads, and became the industry standard for middleweight high performance machinery. Its reputation as the number one 600 was to be confirmed when it won the World Supersport Championship in the year 2000.
The new third generation YZF-R6 has been developed specifically to meet the changing demands and requirements of the new generation of riders who are looking for even more extreme performance. Many of these riders are looking for a high performance middleweight that delivers the most exciting engine and chassis performance, combined with the ability to perform well in practical day-to-day riding situations.
There is a growing element of riders who, as well as wanting a high performance road machine, are also looking for a high-tech 600 with an advanced specification that will deliver extreme performance for track and race use. Featuring a great deal of technology based ontechnical feedback that has come from our Moto GP-winning YZR-M1, the all-new YZF-R6 is set to redefine the parameters of the 600 supersport class, and looks ready to stake its claim as the definitive high performance middleweight for 2006 and beyond.

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