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    Just flicking through fb and there was an advert from Visit Germany "Can't visit? We'll bring Germany to you" I thought, "it didn't work so well the last time you tried that "
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    No wheelies anymore unlike the 1980s haha. Kickstarting the 2NF is my exercise lock down excuse. Took half an hour after the stale fuel took a hold on the idle in the carb at alderley Park and it stalled at 50mph when I pulled the clutch in. BTW IT WON'T BUMPSTART IN 5TH AT 50MPH WHEN YOU LET THE CLUTCH OUT. I was dripping in sweat by the time I got it going again.
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    Yeah, Yamaha=nostalgia Thanks, I'm going to respray it cos the paintwork is tatty and was going to go for the original red and white, but just love the yellow so I'm sticking with it
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    Lovely bike. I've got a 250 gamma - which is great, but the TZR250 is a much better package and it wears a better badge!
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    Stunning,,, love the colour,,
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    Just been out on the bike for the first time this year, it needed fuel and after all the suspension work over the winter I wanted to know if anything would fall off before I even thought about a longish run. Sun shining and almost empty roads was almost like being back in the 60s! Wife asked me if it was alright but I think the huge grin said it all. That said NOT ONE of the folks at the garage filling station had a mask or even a pair of gloves while using the pumps? are they just to cool to bother with this disease do you think? I had a crash helmet thick gloves and my snood on (it was chilly) but really! Moan over, that was a good day after 7 weeks indoors.
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    Jokes about white sugar are rare. Jokes about brown sugar? Demerara.
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    Should get cane'd for that one Or maybe suger beet!
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