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  1. From the album: DDT new ride

    PX'ed the FZ8 for this. Unfortunately I have discovered that it likes speed camera's already.
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  2. From the album: 2003 dt125r

    de-restricted with full dep
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  3. From the album: Vince Richer

    Fully restored (money pit)1986 yamaha XT60043F .The last of the kickstart only models and I think the best
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  4. From the album: Feliks' 86 FZ600

    After shot up top, before down below. Bought the bike in September 2013 and it's now March 2014. Rebuilt top end and gave it a makeover for 2014.

    © feliks

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  7. From the album: WR 125 X

    My little bike
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  8. From the album: Fozzies Bikes

    My 900cc twin, which handles very well and quick too, not a racer boy type but plenty fast enough for most at 140mph as tested by MCN. Very easy to ride, not for shorties though as I have longish legs and it can be a stretch at times.
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  9. From the album: Various pics

    My old AJS 650cc twin, its really very easy to ride as the centre of gravity is so low, easy to get onto too, they did 95 to 100 mph in their day, but I just venture up to 60mph on the old girl, rarely go up to 70mph so I avoid motorways wherever possible.
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  10. From the album: my bikes, past & present

    The second diversion 900 I have owned, was good bike, easy to ride , work on, would have another any day.
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  11. From the album: my bikes, past & present

    this was taken in France, whilst touring, here I am at the top the pyrenees.
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  13. From the album: Fozzies Bikes

    This is my new baby, a 900cc parallel twin but the crank is set up at 270 degrees so it fires and runs like a v twin, clever these nips aint they, it has soooo much torque it does not need numerous gear changing to keep up a good rate of speed also the weight is very central and fairly low down so it handle like a dream and is very very easy to ride, the only thing i didn't like was the short screen so I got the next size up for better wind protection, there is another one higher than that too so plenty of choices.
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  14. From the album: Fozzies Bikes

    My younger brother on my bike again ! that was a 1960 ? AJS model 8 lightweight a 350 cc single potter that I used to thrash on its limit most of the time in the mid 60's and it never broke down once all round another great bike but it had 6 volt lighting, good job I ate plenty of carrots !! My other brothers James Captain is in the foreground fairly quick at that time for a 200cc bike.
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  15. From the album: fzr

    recently sold this ,,,, another thing tricked to the max had thousands spent on it,,plastic tank and stuff,,dynojeted the lot,,,race swingarm,,exhaust pipe well quick for old h reg bike
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  17. From the album: Foamys new donkey :3

    Despite being a small bike, the DT is proving to be a pain in the ass, some of the wires only go a few centimetres, others do about 3 laps of the entire bike!
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  18. From the album: Foamys new donkey :3

    Decided to get the blade out whilst i was working on the donkey
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  19. From the album: Current XJ6N and old bikes

    Old photo of an old motorbike. My FZR400 Exup Jap Racing Import. Loved that bike
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  20. From the album: Current XJ6N and old bikes

    Showing off my suntan!
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  21. From the album: Current XJ6N and old bikes

    My old tractor when I bought it
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  22. From the album: Xj600

    Passed my test in November I started on a honda cb450sc nighthawk and on Saturday have just bought this Yamaha Xj 600 nice bike I think but then the snow came so guess I have to wait to have a good ride out so looking forward to it :-))
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  23. From the album: Shetland

    At work
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  24. From the album: Shetland

    Wreck of a steam drifter
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  26. From the album: My TDM 850

    Heading north up the Icefields Parkway towards Jasper
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  27. From the album: From then to now

    new headlight set up with an old min fairing.
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  28. From the album: From then to now

    new sticker and reshaped rear end, used left over from ebay rear fairing.
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  29. From the album: From then to now

    new home made mini fairing, new mirrors and brake res, from yep, ebay.
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