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    Cheers dude! Biting at the bit now, especially hearing the sports bikes still cracking past on Sundays! I've worn cowboy boots for a couple of years but my accent still gives me away! XD The VTwin on these is roughly the same size as the 650s... Would love to take the heads off just to see the tiny cylinder bore!
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    Take care folks. My wife (respiratory nurse) came down with it two weeks ago and it's taken its toll on her. The fever lasted 4 days, but the tightness in her chest is still persisting. She's ended up with antibiotics for a secondary infection (which I understand from my doctor friend is common) and she's still not 100%. If you get it and it continues to bother you in week two, seek help sooner than later as this may prevent you going into hospital. Out of the two of us, I thought it would be me that gets it worst, as she never gets ill and is one of the healthiest people I know (long distance runner), whereas I get ill if I speak to someone on the phone who has a cold... but me and the kids seem to have dodged this one so far (fingers crossed). Stay indoors and stay safe folks
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    Jenni Look up postimages.com Free to sign up and once you upload pictures to it all you need to do is copy the link for "hotlink for forums" and paste that in your post
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    Wishing you all the luck in the world. Looks like your missus may have balls just the same as you do but brass. My lot threw in the towel and have started putting us off pro rata with work available, we have to be ready to be called back but could be off for weeks. At least the official pay out is better than expected. I understood it to be 80% of basic, its not its 80% of your normal pay so im a lot better off than I thought I was. Have to say after living through a near fatal pneumonia years back im glad to be at home. It is something I will never forget. The feeling of breathing but getting very little, the internal panic that builds up in your head as you realise you cannot breathe will never leave me. Covid victims have my deepest sympathies. The useless selfish scuts that are leaving masks and gloves in shopping trollies and car parks need fking though. As do all the people that have self isolated due to 'symptoms' that are a fabrication to stay home. Cowardice in my book. Plane old ww1 LOMF.
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    I'm still at work, in fact nightshift now, and doing my normal four on four off. Used the bike a couple of times to commute. Frustrated during my days off tho, but hey ho, it's what we need to do. Concerned for my wife, as she is a nurse on a medicine for the elderly ward and three of her patients have died through Covid. I hope not, but feel it's only a matter of time til it gets her
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    Stuck in mostly, but like Drewpy, out running 3 or 4 times a week. Oddly, see more folk out on the footpaths around the fields than Ive ever seen in the past. Wife's high risk so have to be careful, looks like all our holiday plans are up the spout this year, and no trackdays too. Running out of jobs to do a round the house and garden. Theres always the shit picking to do down at youngest daughters stables though. Oh joy
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    Hi! My other half has acquired a Dt175 possibly mx version from roughly 1974. I'm here to try and get some info on how to fix it as I think it's been thrown together with odd parts. Also, someone has taken the magnets out the magneto flywheel...
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    Hi jen" if its 1974 it be a twinshock,, Mx came oot in 1978 . am up the east coast,, Whar"s you ,? hers a 1975 Colours ..
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