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    Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any worse... new men’s fashions for 2020.What do you think?
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    Thanks very much for that just the neutral switch off E-Bay from the states now all a need is a tachometer cable couple of carbs
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    Save your cash batesy, for what little gains. move up to a 600, OR THE THOU"
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    Its a weird shifter on these things as i recall, there is no shifter drum with the usual detents. The gear leaver turns a ring and that affects the shift forks on a long pair of cross shafts. Made sense to someone? Looking under the bike my bet would be something on the round raised area in what looks like a sump but isn't. That's the shift ring and the neutral detent will like as not be around there, wire looks about the right size. I'm scratching my head back to a yds i messed with with my dad when i was 15. Hope it helps.
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    Hi, the blue wire should go to a plate, beside sprocket, looke here ,https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-yds5-1967-usa_model8304/partslist/E-11.html#.XwdyzShKjb0
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    I’ve decided to go for the refund and find a new bike. I’ll keep an eye on that breaker for future smaller jobs.
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    Clean the tank as well if that has been lying I assume there will be rust inside. I've used a length of light chain, but others use nuts and bolts or small stones. Fit an inline fuel filter as well
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    I'd say the carbs need taking off then, and a good clean. The choke circuits are probably blocked. If you can find somewhere that does ultrasonic cleaning I'd recommend that
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    Air cooled Rd forum ,, http://www.aircooledrdclub.com/smf/ ,,read the section on dvla ,,etc ,,
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    oK,, You"l need a receipt from the seller, [ submit to the Nova GUYS,] TO PAY IMPORT DUTIES, then a dating cert [ if no title]
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