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    There are some great roads in the Hunsruck, the bonus is it tends to be very quiet. I've spent good time riding the roads east of Trier with little about. Loads of pristine hairpins to piss around on. The road in the first part of 3. is a good one, popular with local riders too. The shore line of Konstanz is beautiful, speeds can be slow though. There is a decent biker cafe near Singen, worth finding if you can. Dont miss the roads near the Hohentwiel either, a few tasty hairpins 7. looks spot on too. Should be a decent route.
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    You might find you are greatly limiting your options if you insist on a black exhaust. The draggie ceased being manufactured quite a while ago, so aftermarket exhausts are beginning to dry up. I've got the v&h cruzers on mine (chrome) and been very happy with them. They are a bit shorter than stock. Or you could go for the v&h shortshots, which are, well, short. Still chrome though. Or you might want to give the Delkevic exhaust a look. Sounds great, would suit the bobber look and has a brushed stainless finish.
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