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    Ok so finally got round to replacing the front wheel bearing on the bike, I have if I'm honest been thinking that the MOT bloke who did my bike way back in April was having a bit of a laugh when he said that the front and rear bearings were in need of doing. So finally got the time to slip the front wheel off, knocked out the first bearing and it was ok'ish a bit grumbly but not what you would call knackered 2nd bearing comes out and f**k me there is half the cage missing AND one of the balls is no where to be seen! I mean how can a ball bearing be missing? Counted those in the other bearing and sure enough I have one less in the off side ball race! I have been riding on this since April cos I thought I knew better, just goes to show no matter how many times you think the MOT guy is taking the piss they might actually be right. I am going to do the rear bearings tomorrow and can only wonder what horrors lay in wait. Oh and my new ABBA lift has been christened "STANNAH" in honour of your comments about my age and mobility, see I can take a joke tho I suspect some of you buggers weren't joking
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    Never mind, think of the kudos of doing it yourself? to take bearings out , weld a plate over inner bearing then hit from other side. The welding will heat the bearing too to dislodge any corrosion
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    Ok part 2, Rear wheel off, try to take the bearing seal off as usual and guess what the poxy thing just crumbles to dust, oh my! Can't shift the bearings either, 2 on one side and 1 on the other that have practically welded themselves to the outer wheel hub (bollocks!) So onto ebay and order up a set of bearing extractors as I am NOT hitting these things with my usual enthusiasm (san's lump hammer and long drift) So as I have a gap in my schedule thought why not take the diff off of the swing arm and give it a bit of a birthday? New paint and a bit of a polish will not hurt, little do I know, the thing is supposed to come out with a bit of a wiggle and bob's you uncle job done, yeah right, this thing has I suspect been on since it was built in 2001. 2 crowbars and an hour later I have half of the thing in my hands, the other half, actual drive shaft is stuck in the hole. having ripped the final drive oil seal clean out of the housing. So with lot's of swearing and some lost skin I finally get the last part out, it's as rusty as f**k! Splines are fine just never had a dollop of grease or oil I suspect since first built if then. It's all repairable and will all go back nice and easy eventually but what price a simple swipe of grease at the factory? So at the moment neither job has been done, when it should have taken at most 2 or 3 hours I'm now at 3 day's!
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    Yup, for £11.499 (rather that the 1499 I was aiming for) ....no thanks.... lol
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    Thank you. I was thinking the tires on the bike when I got it were the originals (very bad shape), so I'm going with 2.5-18 and 2.75-18 Bob
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    I don't use photobucket since they tried to hold us all to ransom a while back Postimage.org is my preferred hosting site
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    Thanks Blackhat. I have the green one.
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    No but I know a few crooks called Mick.....None from Durham tho
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    As I've always heard the Scots are generous to a fault! But thanks for the offer, I suspect that I have spent more than that on the new bloody tools this damned thing has eaten it's way through
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    I'll give you £100 to take it off your hands. No more stress or worry mate, you know it makes sense
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    Pretty sure it's a straight swap. Have a look on Fowlers at the diagrams for the classic and the custom, mounts should be the same.
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    Right hand side panel plastic proved tricky. Sourced second hand from Japan! Pics all look good so fingers crossed. Bash plate and chainguard proving tricky too! all good fun and hours of my life on ebay
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    Does this help? Found it on http://xjbikes.wikidot.com/carb-specs Good luck. Years & Models: XJ900 model 58L Carb Manufacturer: Mikuni Carb Series: BS36 Carb Model ID: 58L00 Main FUEL Jet Size: #107.5 Pilot FUEL Jet Size: #40 Main AIR Jet Size: #45 (non-removable, in carb throat) Pilot AIR Jet Size: #160 AIR COMPENSATOR Jet Size: not used Starter FUEL Jet Size: #35 (non-replaceable, in float bowl) Main jet NEEDLE ID: #5FZ62-3 Main needle JET Size: #Y-0, style #318 (the main needle JET is also known as the "power valve" or "emulsion tube"). Float Valve Seat Size: 2.3mm, uses a shorter float valve needle and the needle is clipped to the float arm. Fuel Level in float bowls: 5.0mm +/- 1mm (.118" +/- .039") Idle RPM's: 1,050 rpms Although not part of your carbs, your valve clearances should be considered as part of your "intake system", so here are those specs, too. Note that valve clearances should be measured with the engine "cold", meaning 70-degrees Fahrenheit or less: Valve Clearance Intake: 0.11 - 0.15mm ( = 0.004 - 0.006") Valve Clearance Exhaust: 0.16 - 0.20mm (= 0.006 - 0.008")
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    You sure you have the right one? there were 2 types of xs400 the Dohc had a different charging system than the sohc
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    Ouch, stannah's are expensive Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
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    Oh thanks Dutch! You are SOOO going to pay for that :)
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    A Stannah one I'm sure Good luck with the upgrades.
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    Yip, its an early DT250 ,, about 1972/3 ,pics would be better ,
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    Hi frois ", drewpy is an XS400 guru ,,
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    well, i got it in today, and everything is fine. i have no idea what happened. i initially tried and it hung up, then i decided, for the first time, to put the banjo bolt, spring, and ball bearing for the output line in the pump while i installed it, and the damned pump fell right on. minor adjustments later and im properly smoking out the whole street like god and nature intended. it was my understanding the ball bearing was nothing more than a check valve to stop oil flow when the bike isnt running, so i figured it would have nothing to do with installing the pump. and i still doubt it does, but coincidence or not, thats what happened. so heck with it. im going to keep a wary eye on it, and then im going to make some smoke all over the county.
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    I've threatened to part it out 3 times now... I hate these pistons. My expenses grow, but not the project progress. This is the 4th time one has slipped out and bent beyond re-use.
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