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  1. Have bought a few things from the US and some of the postage is a piss take especially when you see how much cheaper and faster it is from countries just as far away. They always take so sodding long as well! I've had stuff arrive from places like Indonesia, Australia and Thailand that I ordered after, that have arrived a week or more before my US purchases have. Have had 2 deliveries so far take over a month. Managed to get some rare parts at reasonable prices though that I couldn't even find or was outbid on in the UK. The one good thing I like about buying from the US is that they're always 'BUY IT NOW'. So many times I've been chasing parts in the UK and have lost out because they're up for auction and have gone for silly money. People with DT parts in the UK know what they've got and what they can get for them. Bottom line is if it's something you need to finish a build then you've got to have it.
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