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  1. Sorry haven't commented on this earlier. I've been looking at trying to get a good way of automating posts from here to Facebook, currently I haven't really found a nice way of doing it without spamming everyone. There's a new version launching int he next few weeks which should make this possible. You're right it's Facebook, our traffic significantly dropped once shortly after they launched their groups functionality. Compared to a forum it's pretty useless in regards to searching and usability etc. However it's there immediately in your hand where most people are checking all the time.
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  2. Hello from the Scottish Borders, I hope you are all safe and well
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  3. my xs could shift if I rode it right. but then could just bimble too. Took me to southwest 200. 80 mph all the way in shit weather. never missed a beat. I do look after my bike though and try to improve them in anyway I can
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  4. Meh, not so sure, they were lacking a little in hp but they could match the smoker for brakes and cornering. Certainly more forgiving in the wrong gear. Probably the best of the XS twins if you ask me, the 650 and 750 just shook your teeth out and really didn't have much more real world go.(the 1100 don't count).
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