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    Hello, I am a new member located in Denver, Colorado. I inherited a 1982 DT100 from my son. It was his first bike and he moved to a larger one. I must admit I have always been a Honda guy (1976 XL100, 1973 CB125, 1974 Trail 90), but I have a special connection to the DT100. In the summer after High School graduation, 1977, my buddy bought a DT100 and convinced me (didn't take much) to buy a bike and take it up to his family cottage in Michigan's Upper Peninsula for the month of August. I found the XL...only a year old with less than 2000 miles on it for $300. Amazing how fast bikes depreciated back then! When the time came I took off the front wheel and handlebar, removed the back seat from my 1961 Studebaker Lark, and loaded the bike in for the 600 mile trip. Once there, we spent a few hours everyday (in between waterskiing and beer drinking) riding the trails and fire breaks (every square mile there is a break for the forest fire trucks...no trees, seldom used, sand roads). Sometimes we would swap bikes and I enjoyed how the DT could pop wheelies and climb hills better than the XL. What scared me off of 2-strokes though, was the occasional fowled plug or hard starting of the DT. The XL was just dead-on reliable in that regard. So now, 42 years later I have the DT and am learning about the 2-stroke world. It is in pretty good shape, with just over 2300 miles on it, but it needs some TLC. My son and I did some preliminary work when it was his...new fork seals, seat cover, drive sprocket, chain, battery, spark plug, carb cleaning, etc. I am now working to make the starting more reliable (remember I am used to first kick with a Honda, while the DT needs 4-5). So, I am tearing it down a bit this winter and replacing the reed valves and the badly dented exhaust header....with the intent to clean up the intake and exhaust without really tearing into the engine, and I got a new ignition coil to try out too. Since most of my riding will be on the street I am replacing the dirt tires with dual-sport tread tires...similar to what was used on the original DT1...which, by the way was my first motorcycle ride on the back of my Dad's buddies bike. One more note. This bike is a DT by the part numbers and title, but it has original MX stickers on the tank and has the MX white/yellow paint scheme. My son was convinced someone changed it out, but I think maybe Yamaha sold some DT bikes with the MX identification as a sales gimmick. I would attach a photo, but all my photos are .jpg not GIF. Best regards, PinkTavo
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