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    Prepped my boys Virago in readiness for an MoT (booked for tomorrow,) He started a new job in April and has been on training so no time for bikes. His bike has sat in the shed since last year. Replaced front brake fluid and cleaned and adjusted rear drum brake. checked all lights work, checked spokes on wheels and fork seals. Didn't check steering head bearings as no centre stand and I was on my own but took it a wee run and they felt fine, so should be good to go tomorrow
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    nice one Jimmy
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    Hi Don " , the pullers are cheap on ebay,, they are a fine lefthand thread ,, you"l need something to hold the flywheel, i use a filter chain removal tool ,,cheap also, .
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    Power House caliper piston rebuild kit is done. Need new pads, though.
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    The guy who bought my bike new specced this, so yes I have it. I have right angle valves too. I’ve never used it, or relied on it, but when I cycle through my display the figures displayed appear to be accurate vs. my tyre pump. Is it worth it? Probably not something I’d spec myself, but equally I’ve heard good things by people where it’s flashed up in the event of a puncture and pressure is dropping fast. Thus getting them to stop before something bad could happen at speed. Thankfully I’ve never had this happen but I am in the habit of glancing down for the warning light at times I’ve accidentally hit a pothole hard. Added reassurance in that regard. I have however heard it’s worthwhile telling anyone changing tyres that you have them fitted (horror stories of mechanics ruining them due to lack of care). Having just read back over your message, the BMW ones are over 200 quid, which is why I wouldn’t have prioritised it...!) but yours sound like a much more acceptable price!
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