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    Oh Yessss they Diiiidd ...??
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    Hi Ronnie, well I don't see why not, back in the day I swapped out a Triumph crank case just to keep the original engine number still leaked like a right bastard but then they came out of the factory like that! Just make sure they are straight, a large piece of glass helps with that, then at worst use a "SMALL" amount of gasket seal as a belt and braces approach.
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    Nice idea, but my sexy one piece body condom wouldn't fit. Will have to just keep my eye out for the right tail pack.
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    I did a Bikesafe course a couple of years ago, was a great day. An hour or so based in the classroom, followed by an observed ride out and decent feedback. I was told I'm a safe/cautious rider, but could improve my riding and observations by not staying to the left hand side of the road as much (as appropriate). I keep meaning to do IAM or similar when I find time.
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