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    Standard of driving is woefull,,,,,see it every day, they dont look at junctions, txting , & fone glued to thier ears,,,,
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    Cheer up mate at least you’re still in one peice ? what doesn’t kill yer makes you stronger
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    So I'm off to see my Mum down in Portsmouth, about 150 odd miles so takes me about 2+ hours to get there from home, I leave the house and not more than 1/2 a mile from home this bloody woman who is following her friend home from dropping off the kids at school apparently and does not want to loose her turns right across in front of me, big black line from the rear wheel down the road and I'm jammed inside the front wheel arch, this while she explains the story of how we arrived at this moment. I am still trying to hold the bike upright while she goes on about this, if you didn't laugh you would not credit it..! NO "sorry mate my fault" just an explanation of how I have made her loose sight of her "NEW" friend. I'm on my way home and I arrive at a set of traffic lights to find a broken down truck blocking the outside lane, + police car helping to direct traffic from the cake shop on the corner? I stay in the right outer lane and squeeze past the truck and the traffic on the near side which has all had to pull over to the left lane to get by, I leave the lights and find a Merc trying to use me an ornament on his bonnet cos apparently I didn't have any right to use "HIS" side of the road when he had to pull over like everyone else, really you couldn't make this shit up could you? I'm now on the A34 just passed Newbury and on the home stretch to the M4 when this young woman who I am overtaking just pulls over into my lane, I'm on the edge of the barriers with the horn blaring plus shouting where the fuck do you think I'm supposed to go when she just keeps going I have nowhere to go car behind car in front and this tit trying to squeeze muggings here into a crash barrier. Apparently I'm supposed to vanish into thin air when she decides it's ok to merge with other traffic. Is it just me or are people just getting worse? I really don't remember when it was as bad as this and it's always the bikers fault..! Fuck it... Had my moan, feel better now..!
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    geez slice, you don't half pick 'em. Still you're here to tell us and learn (ish) I once had a guy on his phone with a family in the car on the slip road to the motorway, had to bang on his window or I was going to get hit. never saw what he said too busy trying to stay alive and unharmed. Hate motorways, but they have their uses if you need to get somewhere.
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    Got to agree. Driving standards today are shocking, complete loss of control by the authorities, test unfit for purpose, motor cars too big and powerful, too many distractions, no-one prepared to wait or give way. Drivers compelte ignore traffic lights. Ive noted over ecent months that motorists at junction 25 on the M1 (suppose its the same everywhere) dont watch the lights that are in front of them, they are watching the next set around the island, when they swithch to amber they move off before their lights turn to amber. It happens at all of the slips, result is there is hardly ever a gap to pull into.
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    Ha, you were 'told'. Really?
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    Oh dear, Slice - glad you made it back in one piece. I had some guy yesterday overtaking two lorries on a bend with solid white lines down the middle. It was a 50 mph single carriageway and all I can say is I’m glad I was on my bike and not in the car. He was just being impatient and hadn’t read the road. I saw him momentarily panic when he saw me round the bend but thankfully he was in a fast car and decided to continue flooring it to complete his move. Had I of been a car he wouldn’t have fitted through the gap.
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    yep, getting worse over the last 5 years especially. In parts of Birmingham now they may as well switch off the traffic lights. People either que right through them or ignore them entirely. The only thing that annoys me more is how fucking bright the car headlights are getting, I live out in the stix and have already had a couple of close runs where some twat with a new car with the mega bright lights has not seen me coming and run the centre line. Makes every corner entertaining.
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