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    To your area John, 206 miles round trip to Kennoway to pick up a set of £6 fork seals for my auld bike.....Turns out once I'm there I "remembered" I needed other stuff haha. Not long back and the weather stayed dry both ways so a good day out. Nearly cost me a fortune tho' as I stopped off at Triumph Glasgow looking for a cam cover gasket and nearly walked out with a Thruxton. Lucky the parts man arrived back before the salesman got his hooks into me. The same thing almost happened before only this time the wife wasn't there to save me. Luckily the sensible head was on
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    Kennoway jim,, av been once, fife has too much cars for us, its quieter north of the Tay,, did you have your Lang spoon, [ to sup wi a fifer,]?
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    If you cannot find the Yamaha part number or confirm the fork manufacture, Are there any identifying numbers or brand name on the seals, if there is, take a note, measure the inner diameter the outer diameter the seal height and count the number of sealing lips, normally one but can be two, then call up a seal manufacturing supplier give over the info and ask them for the best option, there is a whole industry out there that specialise in supplying seals for industrial rams of all sizes, the bonus could be that you get to find an industrial version of the seal that might be cheaper than the Yamaha or pattern supplied part http://www.athenaparts.com/eng/products/view/8419/fork-oil-seal-mgr-rsd-32x44x10-5 I think this is the part a 1981 DT 175 MX uses, the DT is listed on the, View all couplings tab,
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