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    I just barely got onto this forum today. It showed up when I googled the starter problem. I know it's an older bike. I was just commenting that I had a similar problem with starting my bike. Do you know the title to that conversation?
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    The air cooled RD club have a meet on the 2nd weekend in July every year, meant to have a big turnout and it's a bit more centrally located. It's at Derby Rugby club. Could be worth thinking about?
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    to the forum Reg Bypassing the sidestand switch is a piece of cake Disconnect the 2 wires from the switch & just twist 'em together completing the circuit Then remove the switch & just tuck the wires away on the frame somewhere out of the way.... To make this a little cleaner, you could trace the wires back to a connector, probably somewhere near the backbone of the frame & cut 'em there before you join 'em to complete that circuit. Another possibility of a culprit to your symptoms, could be a starter relay that's located near the battery...probably what's making that "click" when you hit the starter button. It's certainly not going to hurt anything by doing the switch bypass 1st.....as a process of elimination. Best of Luck & don't give up...you'll find it Pretty common prob with alot of older Yamaha's
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