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    It's Summer. Twats are out in force.
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    LOL, nope no kicking at all, just resistance values from the coils. Well you could try measuring the voltage generated when you kick it but it wont tell you much. I have a TDR service manual, not digging round in the garage now but I will pop the values up tomorrow. Only difference between the TZR and the TDR engines is first gear ratio and the cdi map. Oh, stop looking for a sidestand switch, there isn't one. No link to neutral either. Your bike is from the days we were expected to have the intelligence to put the stand up without help.
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    It was an amazing adventure with a great bunch of guys, best holiday I've ever had but don't tell Mrs xs I said that. I haven't posted any pics as we pooled all our pics on whatsapp and as I've not got to grips with flicker yet, I thought just leave it to Drew who done a better job than I would have done anyway.
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