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    I normally go with "nipped up", "ooof!" and "oh bollocks!".
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    Slide back the small metal collar and pull. The collar may well be long gone so just go with pull. Use a pair of pliers but dont hang on it. The pipe can go hard and can make it tight on the spigot that can pull out. Generally at times like this people swap out the black pipe for clear so you can see the oil.
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    DaltonWhite might be worth a call. They're motorcycle specialist solicitors. Good luck
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    My torque values are as follows - Tight ! , Tight as fuck !! and Bastard Tight !!! . Hope that helps .
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    Joining a forum is rewarding and fun, its a community of like minded people with a common interest. like any community, club or group on the 'Net' its good 'netiquette' to introduce yourself, this can be a simple "Hi' or better still a brief intro about 'you', this can include your first name or nickname, your bike/bikes, and where your from etc, its up to you what you put in your intro. This is not an 'on-demand' garage, and it is considered rude to barge in with a "how do I fix this" type question on your first post, however there are a wide variety of members with knowledge and skill that are only too happy to help you out- its just good manners to say 'Hello' first Use the 'search' facility there's tons of info already on this forum and it might help with your question/problem, there is also the option to PM (personal message) a member or a Moderator. Stick around, you might learn something (might) 'Start new topic' on the bottom right of this forum is the place to go
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