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    Asked my wife to read this Sniff, Apparently I'm now sleeping on the sofa!!!
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    Well peeps, much like a domestic cat i have brought home a half-dead but adorably tiny piece to play with. Yep, it's another chappy!... bought this one at the Kempton Park autojumble on saturday, looking very sorry for itself, the front end is in a carier bag with bent forks and generally looking sorry for itself. Tonight will mainly be spent reassembling and finding out what is missing, luckily i still have a selection of parts from my american chappy which i did manage to smuggle back (seat, wheel, complete exhaust e.t.c), started with a few kicks and ran quite nicely ,only thing it is missing is a headlight although im fairly sure i have a similar one kicking around in the garage which will do for now. Also picked up a couple of XT350s for me and my dad to do some green lanes on, and an XT600 just incase i want to wrap myself around a tree
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    Not close by bro and couldnt afford a cheap one even if i didnt pay my bills Needs must bud only had 400 budget and i couldnt wsit as i delivery pizza for a living so everyday. I was. Losing 120 so didnt have a choice really I did a little work on the chinky today the diaphram in the carb had split and piston rings are going she still runs well but ill pass her on Just gunna pop some Pics of the sr in photobucket shes looking bloody good considering she is half finished Just gotta put a new tube in front wheel and some fuel and she be running Forgot the exaust Ride safe lads
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    Airhead While taking some pictures I suddenly realised that the Bar holding the Footrests was not actually part of the Frame, and as soon as I unfastened the fixing Screws and pushed the Bar forward the Engine lifted out sweet as a nut. Like they say you live and learn. Thanks for advice anyway. Cheers Mark dide was noas t acESuccess. I hadn't noticed that the Foo
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    So ive managed to resovle the issue with the sensor ive had the engine turning over this morning whoop whoop But i cant get any dash lights highbeam, nuetral or indicators but i am getting the back light so ihave got power to it Ride safe
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    Time to throw a spanner in the work The ped i was using for work has started to develop issues (chinnese) so ive had to stop using it and pass her on before she isnt worth a penny so im forced to put the sr back on the road unfinished i wish i had another option but needs must Engine is back in and all electric are wired up but i this the netural sensor has gone so i cant test fire the engine Ride safe
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    "It'll be fine, I'm good at this kinda thing....wait, what?....fuck" *commence 2 weeks of fixing a 10 minuet mistake*
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    Yeah "READ THE F**KING MANUAL" is what your supposed to do but how many actually do?
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    Could be worse, a close friend of mine wanted to adjust the injection on his BMW K75 (At least i think it was the K75, definitely a 3 cylinder weird one), he found out the hard way you have to RTFM before doing it, turns out you DO NOT touch the butterfly adjuster screws, just the fuel/air mix screw. This is because they're sealed with epoxy from the factory and should never, ever, ever under and circumstanced be mucked with. What did he do? He fucked with the butterfly adjuster and had to to replace the entire throttle body
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    you amaze me foamy, don't know how you find the time for it all...don't you have to go to work?
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    I have news, and it's good, I drained the carb float bowl and gave it a few light ish taps and and refilled and then started and it worked then didn't, after a lot of looking around I found one wire between tci and coil was slightly broke so only worked some of the time, that's been replaced and now have constant spark and fuel entering re cylinder , thank you so much for all your help I've learnt a lot about my bike. Solved
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    here's my latest Morph
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