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    hey everyone. Stevie here from Glasgow. First time driver of anything and for my first mode of transport I got a xvs 125 dragstar and I bloody love it. I Cant wait until I get my full license now and get more bikes.
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    Hello guys, just picked up a wicked little thing! its an Oxford disc brake lock/alarm, payed roughly £35. Very loud at 100db, very good quality for money too! It's very sensitive as well, I put my key in the ignition and it goes off, Thought I'd post it up for anyone who's looking for a cheap little deterrent!! http://www.halfords.com/motoring/motorcycling/motorcycle-security/oxford-screamer-alarm-disc-lock.
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    thanks guys, I know a mechanic that wont rip me that's coming out on Thurs to give it a check, ill let you know how I got on and how much he's gonna charge to fix whatever is wrong
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    Just read your post Stevie, if it were me I would take it in for a once over just to be sure, explain the problem to your local mechanic and he/she will have it sorted in no time, the last thing you want is for something to fail at 50mph, gravel rash is a bitch and broken bones are horrid. Some bikes have a "TIP" sensor as well, if the bike falls over it needs to be reset.
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    just had a reply and he's not been too good TBH. Andrew said he's getting better and thanks to you all for your concern. should be back soon thoiugh as he's getting better Drewps
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    Good lad , I did it myself once and only for a witness coming forward with the car reg I'd have missed out on a sizable injury settlement .
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    yeah I regretted it as soon as I started riding my bike and I felt all my aches creeping in, but it was a lesson learned and ill never ever let someone drive away ever again. I went to check on my bike this morning and it started no problem and I drove it 4 miles with not a problem, now I'm left with a dilemma whether to take it to a mechanic who can give the whole thing a once over just in case theres summit wrong and leaving it longer could make it worse or just riding it and hoping I dont break down again
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    Good advice above . If the front wheel hit the car you should check that the wheel spindle (axle) isn't bent . Take the spindle out and roll it on a flat surface , if it's bent you'll see it easily . A bent spindle will lead to wayward steering . I've seen people become embarrassed/flustered after accidents and , after letting the other party head off without exchanging details , then discovering that they are injured once the shock wears off and the pain sets in . I've also seen people agree,at the scene , to fix there own damage only for the cops to arrive at the door having had a report of hit and run . My advice , - If someone knocks you off your bike - Stay On The Ground - till the cops/ambulance arrives , no matter how cold/wet/embarrassing it feels . Witnesses are more likely to stick around and you won't potentially walk away from justly deserved compensation . That's why we all pay insurance after all .
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    well were going again guys, here is a pick of the magneto I smashed the magnets in, just had to be bad luck to do this amount of damage people spin there stators all the time and never had or seen this any way had to mix and match some parts, little bit of stuffing around but all worth it in the end ... any way spent the last hour making this ........ hope this helps others fix or understand more about there ignition timing aswell (stator screw fell out and jammed in the coil gap shatterd two magnets) late model 6 wire stator will run on the early magneto with no probs at all very nicely, but new slot locations need to be drilled in the stator to find tdc, firstly.... I used a dial indicator and measured the piston at 1.8mm BTDC, because im using the original flywheel the marks line up with the casing pull the spark plug out connect it back to the lead and rest it inbetween the fins on the head this should ground the plug secondly.. get your timing light out, you will have to run it off a separate power source like a spare 12v batt, put a 19mm on the flywheel nut connect it to a cordless drill and spin the engine counter clockwise (you will need atlest 200rpm to create a decent spark to fire the timing light) when it does flash you need to find your flywheel TDC mark (wich could be anywhere in most cases) , mark the casing in relation to where TDC on the flywheel is showing under the timing light flash (the diference in alingnment between the two mags notice the diference in the keyways between the two ) thirdly.... once that is done and your new timing mark is there, set the original timing marks back to factory and mesure the distance from you factory TDC mark to the one you made just before with the strobe light, this will tell you how far your stator is out and has to be adjusted! , it pointed me to where some factory scribed holes were located (they obviously used the same plate on lots of diferent models and drilled them accordingly) "as did I" when I rechecked the timing it was dead on ;) i dident need to but............... I like to a have a little bit of adjustment.... so I sloted em THIS IS VERY ACURATE going by eye mine was fireing at 140 degrees BTDC and kicking back when turned her over so this is why I leave the plug out so theres no compresion ..... "also means no broken ankles or kickstarters from kick back or bike screemin off from under you backwards ....... although that would be quite funny to see
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    cheers man, ill give that a bash and see if it sheds light on my steering issues. legend man, I'm gonna go pick ma bike up today n ill give the fuel cap a loosen and see how i get on. Thanks man
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    Aye stevie bad day eh , , to correct the steerin ,you"l need to loosen the clamp bolts on forks [ not too slack] , and twist the front wheel against summat, bounce it a few times, , this"l straighten things up. [ unless the forks are bent], the cut out maybe fuel starvation ,loosen the tank cap, & ride it to see if breather is choked,
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    Simple way would be to use something free like Irfranview (http://www.irfanview.com/) and literally just reduce the size (using Image >Resize or CTRL + R) sure there are a number of ways to reduce the amount of data but that is the easiest way I can think of. Alternatively use an image upload site like http://postimage.org/ (others may know of better ones) and just upload the full image and then post the link in this forum without restrictions on how big it is.
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    i would agree with airhead why not rebuild the old motor it will keep it original and once your done youl probly have the fastest 250 on the block i did the same to my "77"dt175 and it hammers after almost 40 years she still keeps up and yeh change ya pet cock...to a fuel tap
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    See what happens when you let us Americanos in? Y'all need a glossary for newbies full of endearing terms like "knackered", "bodged", "sort out", "thin on the ground", "spanner", "tickover", to name a few.
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