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    Happy Christmas to you alllllllll, hope ye had a good aul day an safe riding (the wife) for 2016
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    Alas, i thought she was mine... oh the pain of it all... -.-
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    Don't worry fella, happens to the best of us. A bitch that the tank got hit - get scouring ebay for a replacement - the rest is all fowlers stuff or aftermarket upgrade. It's Christmas night: get the painkiller in a bottle out and forget about it for the time being - you'll only wind yourself up otherwise (been there....).
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    Oh mate I feel for you. Funnily enough my 1st off was on Christmas day. Unfortunately it's virtually inevitable at some point, the good thing is you're OK, and your bike can be fixed.
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    he's camping with bippo and dirtydt
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    As you said it's an incentive to do my test cynic! Yeah not to keen on that idea, it could get fairly chilly! Are you speaking from experience meatloaf?
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    when the instructors said take a break, they didn't mean literary welcome to the yoc
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