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    As promised, a wee picture of it at the mo. Desparately need decals on it, but i want to wait until it's useable so that it feels complete. I started it up today, misbehaving slightly so i need to investigate. Can't ride it just yet anyhow, but i wanted to hear it run again!
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    What you should have on a 175E, 1, 4 pin plug with yellow, white and light blue. (the white is green and white between the plug and the stator. 4 separate wires, red, brown, white and red tracer and a black. The 4 separate wires above go direct to the cdi nowhere else, with there being a black and white, a black and an orange from the cdi, the b/w being engine stop, orange to the coil and black as the cdi earth. On the later system the red line is deleted as the cdi can handle the full range with one pick up coil.
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    20kmiles maybe on the new coated barrels. old skool like ours john id still be expecting at least a set of rings by this kind of mileage, there is a definite wear ridge at the extremes of piston travel. The power valve is coked up as it is, stiff to operate by hand and the base gasket was wet too so something was going to go pop . Found the actual cause too, the ring peg was fitted too far into the piston. It is sat back from the edge by maybe a mm not much, looks like the ring made it past with a bit of ware and rotated till it reached the port and bang. Thankfully all the crap went straight out the pipe by the looks of things.
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    With the leg shields back on and some shiny mirrors too! Once it's running properly i'll get some pictures of it that are relatively decent.
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    Started messing about with decals. Didn't like the stripes, so i have now removed them. I think the thick stripe is too bold, so going toget just 2 thinner stripes.
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    You can't fix stupid! Let the clip shows have it. Your accent is what they are really after.
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    Cheers Sacha, but I think we have gone off on a bit of a tangent here so I had better leave it there.
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    The 12v bikes have a different stator. Easier to ask if its electric start.
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    ha ha, what a nob. serves him right too. so your famous now capt?
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    Just had another think about this and would suggest that the first thing you take off is the engine side cover over the clutch, if there is a problem in there it might save you having to take the engine out, you might as well do the easy things first cos you never know it might save you time and money, the next thing I would do is take the rocker cover off and see if you have a dropped valve, should be easy to see and you can check your springs as well cos if one of those is broke then you have an immediate solution to your problem, as I said I would start with the easy things first. good luck mate.
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    Usually you can get the heads off and the barrels but after that it's a bit more complicated, if you need to get at the internals of the engine then it is only possible to do that with the engine out, at least that's been my experience. Your bike might be different but it's best to take the engine out as it makes it easier if you have it on a bench and can get at it. It does sound like something has come adrift in your engine from what you describe I would guess at something in the gearbox but that's just my opinion. Good luck with it and DON'T resort to a big hammer and lot's of swearing, slow and steady is the best, just do what you can and the minute you feel the need to hit something make a cup of tea.
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    Yes that part of married I know well !!
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    We're married, even i'm not allowed to see that now!
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