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    sorry only just seen this post paul ,yeah me to have lost the plot dropped something off at Andrews yesterday and called for some petrol and bought there demo, car sadly,should see me out LOL. Have decided to go skiing not physically the other type ( spending the kids inheritance) so hope to feel better at Easter and head to Hamburg then Denmark,Sweden and where ever the urge takes.
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    Thanks mate never thought of it that way. Heres the link for anybody else who wants it. http://motinfo.direct.gov.uk/internet/jsp/ECSID-Internet-Status-Request.jsp
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    Hard to tell, as its got more Vrooom than I can handle,
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    Sounds like its stripped, , get a small fork shaped piece of firm plastic , put it behind the screw head, then use a cordless drill in reverse ,with the appropriate phillips /pozzy head driver bit, pressure [ wi fork] as you back it out,
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    Not only looks good drewps it sounds great!! The amount of cups of coffee I have knocked over when I hear it coming down the road and have rushed to the window coffee flying everywhere but well worth the look.....
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    Woohoo! Such a cool bike, and a great day for its first run of the year.
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    took her out of hibernation today, fired right up after 3 kicks
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    I personally find most cyclists riding single file and are behind me within seconds, so not a worry at all. In town, it's often very different as they're like Ped Boys without engines. Saw several groups just today, all riding three abreast, with one even placing the little kiddie on the OUTSIDE neares the white line!! Generally, those who do have on all the lycra and shit, ie the 'professional cyclists' do tend to be the 10% that behave like pricks. It's the rest that seem to actually ride sensibly, which is just bizarre. I guess it's kinda like the Summer Bikers?
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    And let's not forget for every bike out there, that's one less cage to worry about!
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    I don't think you can single out any particular group of road users. There are bad examples everywhere. Isn't that what the hazard perception part of a theory test is about? From experience, there are too many people who are selfish and ignorant to others... car drivers around schools (mums and teachers)..... teenagers on peds... and foreign students on bicycles in Cambridge. Personally I take an instant dislike to any vehicle which puts my vehicle in danger. I say vehicle because it is not personal - they don't know me and I don't know what has caused their lack of concentration.
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    Yes there are some bad cyclists on the road but there are also bad cage drivers and bad motorcyclists out there to, we all have the same right to be on the road, I just treat them the same as evey other road user out there, a potential hazard.
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    without any shadow of doubt whatsoever, car drivers are the most inconsiderate of all road users, I see this on a daily basis, they are only interested in their own progress and would see a complete lane of traffic at a standstill rather than adjust their own speed for a very brief moment to signal to another driver it is OK to go..utter selfish morons and these days they are worse than ever. But hey I'm getting carried away aren't I, lets get back to slagging off cyclists!
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    I seem to be the only biker in the world who looks forward to getting rid of there bike. But then again my bike has lovingly been named "A pile of scrap" for the last 6 months. Come on, it wobbles like jelly once you get above 50, it's like it has a hinge in the middle, can't wait to get rid of the metal bastard.
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    I couldn't see the eclipse because the moon kept getting in the bloody way.
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    Much like any other road users - I treat them with the respect they may deserve. And that respect can easily be lost. If a cyclists follows the rules of the road that apply to them, then all is good. Stop at red lights, make it obvious when they plan to make turns across my path, and so on. If they don't? I hate them... hates them forever! Thief! Baggins... um. ahem. But I'll always give a wide bearth when passing, because it's safer for all.
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    took the rd over to darwen and watched the eclipse from that church up on the hill. it was shit , I watched it through a colander and strained my eye's.
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    We could do a member relay to get it down south.
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    Hope you're going to be well at easter Paul
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