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    Good old fashioned rollicking,, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/telegraphtv/11235594/Watch-Biker-pulls-a-60mph-wheelie-in-front-of-police.html
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    can I just throw 2p down the safety well on this one, Ive been biking now for something that must equate to 2 normal life times. Ive seen mates of mine injured and I have also seen mates of mine die, I've had mates lose limbs some of them were unlucky enough to lose more than one limb.anyway, point is that some wore leather some did not the fact of the matter is that they all got hurt, basically it is all just luck of the draw no matter what we wear when biking, sure leathers will save you more than cloth from the stupid stuff like gravel rash and in the more serious accidents it will hold you together instead of the ambulance man going to look see where your arm or leg is laying..whatever you guys and girl decide to wear its all gonna hurt one way other the other come a nasty spill, so take it easy and be a safe as you can eh.
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    Cheers Andy. It took a while, but after 5 years I finally got shot of the crutches and bought another bike
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    Bike is finally finished. It was taken apart and checked over and had a lot wrong with it. Sluggish starting was down to a broken pin in the starter motor. This had caused some wear on the starter clutch which was replaced. If you've never replaced one, get an expert to do it. I got a mechanic to do it, who broke two removal tools in the process as it needed a proper hefty Yamaha tool to remove it and even then, the amount of force needed to remove it was unreal. Finally it was removed and replaced with a new one from Ebay which the mechanic was very impressed with. Also the carbs were filthy and the idle jets blocked. They were caked in crap and way out of balance. This was rectified. Alos, the choke was sticking, as was the throttle. The brakes weren't the greatest, and upon taking them apart, there was a tiny stone trapped between the pads and calipers which caused uneven wear on the pads. They were also replaced. Whoever had this bike did NOT take care of it at all. It was filthy underneath and absolutley caked in grease, dust and road crap. I cleaned all this off which took a good while to do. Engine was surprising in OK nick. Once the carbs were cleaned and balanced it ran really smooth. The amount of crap on and in the carbs was unreal and I'm surprised it ran at all. Next job it to replace the crap exhaust that's been fitted. I've already ruined a pair of waterproofs on it (hence the bodged heat shield. There's also a hole where it doesn't fit properly which I've bodged up with some exhaust paste. I've also replaced the grips with Kuryakin ISO grips which are far more comfortable than the leather grips (I kid you not) that were on there. Other little things were the rear brake master cylinder cover being absolutely covered in crap, so much so that it required grinding off. There's still some other things to do as well, the wheels are covered in crap, so much so I think I'm going to need some sort of hydrofluoric acid to get them clean. Could do with some new mirrors, a new front master-cylinder cover, a new headlight and this evening, the rear indicators stopped working. One day this bike will finally be fixed.
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    Skip back to the new members section and say hi. You will get some respect and help If you cant get the timing to line up chain is streched or valves adjustment /bent are way out. Or your cam chain tensioner is ducked.
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    Steve mate we're not allowed to offer info on Manuals on this site, most are copyrighted, so that's a big fat NO-NO on here. Suggest you try Google and see what's out there or even ebay might have on that's the best you'll get I'm afraid. Hope you find what your looking for perhaps someone on here might have a spare that they don't want anymore. Found this inside 30 seconds http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Yamaha-Owners-Manual-New-And-Used-Choose-Model-Fz6-ybr-yzfr125-yzf-R6-sr125-xvs-/351212294843?pt=UK_CarParts_Vehicles_Manuals_Litterature_ET&hash=item51c5e252bb
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    Don't be so quick to fault the starter clutch when they go the starter dosen't enguage and free spins, yamaha also had a shim kit to fix poor enguagment of the starter to clutch. Have a amp draw test done on the starter ,could just need a freshing up with new brushes and a cleaning of the armeature, or the connections cleand up a poor ground can cause these symptoms too. Hopefuly it is just a week battery good luck.
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    Cheers for the explanation Tt I was thinking along the lines of wedding rings, bracelets and things like that
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    Im not against the idea. Hell I have done it. I just think there is a time and place. I have fell off without being degloved in jeans. Same as a hundred or so folk will have been killed today. And will be tommorow. It was seeing the 80mph filtering while dressed for a swimming pool that did me.
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