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  1. well people this is my first go at a review thread so bare with me.... ive been looking for a decent aggressive dual tyre that i could take off road on weekends aswell as use for work, ive had a couple sets on my little dt up to now from some road avons to Heidenau k60 catspaw's and apart from the road going capabilitys of the avons there was no way of offraoding on them lol so i bought the catspaws and to be fair they where rubbish on anything damp never mind in the rain !!!!! i come accross these michelins through a thread on here a while ago and thought i would take the plunge so i ordered the pair at a cost of £110 posted (from ebay) i fitted these tyres at a friends house and off i went on the trails so ill get into the nitty and gritty.... FIRST THOUGHTS -tyres look very very impressive, the knobbles seem to be high and well spaced which im guessing is for spinoff so there is no chance of them getting bunged up with dirt loosing you traction on the trails. -took me and a pal a few hours to get these tyres on - very very tight fit ON THE ROAD (first used these tyres on the road in dry condition) -i found the tyres a little hard to corner comftable with twitching coming from the rear (ever so slight mind) i still havent got confidence to corner at a decent speed im guessing once the tyre gets worn to my riding style i might be able to push them a little more. -there is alot of noise from them which is more notacble under engine braking but even more so on hevy braking -ive never felt the front tyre twitching while banking into the corners but im guessing this is due to the tyre's knobbles being more tightly packed -they do seem to have a little pull into creases while riding along on the straights not to much (ive felt worse) OFFROAD -as soon as i got on the dirty stuff i knew these are the tyres for me, from the off the grip from wet soil to gravel was perfect going through a series of puddles you could just about swim in to a stretch of clay like soil with ease. -braking was good being able to use the front brake unlike with the catspaw so when the rear does lock up in the dirt you can use the front i just used light pumping action (but be gentle there not gonna stop you dead in the dirt) -climbing up a hill you wouldnt like to walk up in the rain was fun with plenty of grip even with the rear wheel flicking some dirt up in me pals face on his quad (revenge) -although the tyres are decent offroad in all conditions (dry and wet) i did come across some snow which i treated like dirt and she spat me off, front end went for a walk in different direction i would rate these tyres on the road as 5/10 offroad 8.5/10 there not too bad on the road not bad enough to void them, i guess the more aggresive offroad a tyre gets the less they will be a road tyre - on the road they are ok but offroad there top notch and i dont regret buying them and would recomend them to any green lainer here they are on my little dt125r - minus exhaust for cleaning purpose cheers ken
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