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  2. hi there, could well be one of Dream Machine paint jobs. Up in Nottingham i believe. Might be worth contacting them, they'll recognise their own work. They'll also likely tell you if it came from Yamaha like that. No harm in sending them an email.Good luck.
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  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-CK-dSAixj594PANhvPPbADej0Z7v65v/view?usp=drivesdk Hi there, just brought myself a 95 FZR600R but not sure if the colour scheme is original or if it's been sprayed preious to me owning.. the previous owner seemed to think that you had to special order the paint job from yamaha when you first brought the bike but I'm not so sure.. can anyone shed any light on this please? Thanks.
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  6. Haa" jim has had this experience . is it like the RD250, where the rotor is inside the stator, with brushes on the slip rings,, if so the brown wire needs 12volt , to magnatize rotor,,
  7. Cynic is always spot on, you can trust his advice phil. Similar thing happened on my DT and cynic knew it was an airleak then. One of my old posts might help you..
  8. Hi, I have recently acquired a DT400 import and am in the process of trying to register it. I sent photos of the frame number and engine number to Yamaha UK along with the incomplete white sticker on the headstock however they say they cannot give me an aging certificate because the sticker is not complete to varify the month it was made ! What should I do ???
  9. samb

    XVS650 seat mount

    Hello. I've recently purchased a XVS650 bobber and it has seat mounts that I've never seen before. The ride is incredibly stiff and going over any sort of bumps is jarring. Has anyone seen these before and if so is there a way of adjusting the stiffness? https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/48605223221/in/dateposted-public/# Thanks in advance. Sam
  10. My Yamaha Why (2006) great unit assy broke, and apparently is not produced anymore. Does anyone know compatible parts, or any second hand shop for such part? Thank you
  11. Sledge Hammers are your friends, oh and Fire, they love fire
  12. 1983 Yamaha XS On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/1983-Yamaha-XS/273966721439?
  13. 1980 xs250se low miles as it has been sitting. 13.6v at 4000rpm, 12.9v at 4000rpm with the lights on. Changed the reg/rec to single unit from the 2 solid state items (xs750/850 item). 4ohm resistance between the white wires, 0ohm between brown and green. I am not sure how these generate power, but is the rotor supposed to be a permenant magnet, or is it charged by the inner stator? (brown/green wires). anything else I can check before I go nuts with a sledge hammer?
  14. Thanks for the replies guys! So I had another look at the idle circuit and some silly monkey (probably me) had the air pilots screwed all the way down. It still doesn't start immediately. Sporadically it does, but then it revvs to high heaven (5-7k rpm) and hangs there. I'm absolutely scratching my head on this one.
  15. Have been looking at buying a Shoei GT Air 2 but have read poor reviews about the integrated Senna SRL2 speakers. I was wondering if anyone has cut the originals off and upgraded them?
  16. Yeh ,i replied ,,, summat up again ,,
  17. Hi. I put a new member post on here the other day , but not sure what happened to it. Had 100+ bikes including an 1100 Virago in the past, currently have 2 Harleys, a XBR cafe racer, a CZ125, and a Virago 535 for my g/f. I has asked about a problem about poor running and fuel coming out the overflow for the front carb, but I fixed that yesterday. May have a query about the valve clearances and clutch later . Thanks, G
  18. Like this. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=1981+Yamaha+DT+175+MX&FORM=IDINTS
  19. I've threatened to part it out 3 times now... I hate these pistons. My expenses grow, but not the project progress. This is the 4th time one has slipped out and bent beyond re-use.
  20. Not me, I'm Mick from Cirencester but Mike from Chippenham. Not guilty M'lord.
  21. Hi gorph! , i would strip the carbs,,
  22. Hi. Thank for accepting me . Over my life I've had over 100 bikes of all type - currently have 2 Harleys , a Honda XBR 500 , and my g/f has a Virago 535. In the early 90s I built a custom Virago 1100. We have owned our current Virago for over 3 years without a problem, but today she was about to take it out for a run (it had already been out for a long run in the last few days). It was slow to start, with white smoke, and definitely didnt want choke. Then I spotted it was overflowing fuel from the front carb. I tapped the side of the carb, then took it for a blast up the road - running OK, maybe a slight misfire over 100kph, but it would barely tick over , and when left for 30 seconds on tickover, the fuel would come out the overflow pipe. My guess is its a sticking fuel valve, but has anyone else suffered this type of problem on a 535.
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  24. Ozzieowl

    1979 yamaha v80

    This is a project it runs fine neutral light works horn works but I have no lights or indicators any ideas would be appreciated
  25. Hi guys, can you help me find out the model of the bike from picture, i found it in a canal and im curious to see how she was looking like before Picture 1 Picture 2
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