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  2. Banjos will be standard and you can get braided lines made up to suit. Search Google for the various suppliers If you go on the Goodrich site you can buy kit to make your own.
  3. Welcome to the forum matey
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  5. Looking to raising the handle bars about 2 inches. Any thoughes on where I can purchase a longer brake hose. Are the banjos a standard size.
  6. Hi folks Just started enjoying the joys of the ybr250. Living in Cheshire. Bit long in the tooth. Been round the block a few times but still enjoying sitting astride a machine. No hitting the red line on the rev counter leaving that to the young guns
  7. How don I reset the service light on my Yamaha mt 125? I cant find anything on Google about it... Can anyone help?
  8. Probably. Google is your friend
  9. fz600 have oil coolers, its basically a screw on part and i converted mine to a spin on filter from a xjr400
  10. Time Left: 13 days and 5 hours

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    Yamaha XS1100 emergency kick lever & carbs . Carbs need overhaul but are complete. Make an offer.


    Willow River, Minnesota - US

  11. Can I reset it myself?
  12. What if the service has just been done? Can you reset it?
  13. Anything can be made to fit if you've got the skills yourself or deep pockets. As for an off-the-shelf aftermarket item I doubt it - the only time you'd see something like that is if an engine was commonly used in racing or the original unit was known to fail often.
  14. Regardless of if my engine is too hot, is there an aftermarket oil cooler that could be installed, if need be? That's what I really need to know. Thanks, Elimax
  15. It means you're due a service
  16. My Yamaha mt 125 2015 has its this warning light “dist serv” what does it exactly mean?
  17. Last week
  18. Yep mega cheap on Amazon I got one a while back to check for sticking brakes on my car. Useful for all sorts!
  19. you can use an infrared thermometer too. very handy for diagnostic and for covid19
  20. good info, did you have to machine pockets for the valves?
  21. check inlet manifold for cracks and leaks by spraying easy start around there to see if the revs rise.
  22. i emtphied the tank and screw loose the filter and cleaned this aswell but still no tork. I have ordered new spark plugs airfilter, so i´m exited to see if this has influence, and i have also adjusted TPC to the right level...
  23. have tried to replace the fuel filter no succes Hi sorry for the missing information i have had the bike for several year and drives it all year. last service was around 45.000 now 60.000 today i changed the fuel filter, wiht no result other than when i give it throttle it dies....
  24. As we all know getting brand new pistons for the xj900f can be very hard. But over the years with trail and error I have found some available now.. You will find the xj900f standard bore is 69mm The Suzki 850 over sized is 70mm and the dome is 1mm taller.. I have designed and built my own Trike and the 1mm taller dome makes more hp the faster you go... The higher speeds means you will need racing oil... Please be careful. Thanks
  25. Not much information to go on. You dont say how long youve had the bike, when it was last serviced, when it was last used, but it sounds initially like carburetors require cleaning. You need to check plugs for sparking, exhaust downpipes for heating, if the fuel is old, change it.
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