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  2. although, I MUST say I'm not impressed with the build quality on the electronics and such on this bike, even tho its a Yamaha. Cheap cables, connectors and such... The newer the bikes are, the worse it is.
  3. Thx for answer. I did order a new pump, spark plug and air filter on Tuesday, since it was highly needed.. The bike has been running all right since that day, but the outside temperatures dropped the day after the breakdown. Just hoping the pump will work until I receive the new one....
  4. UK_DT


    Check the carburettor jets as US models seemed to have different jets to UK models or owners changed them if they were using the bikes at higher altitudes (according to Clymer manual it should be a 140 or 150, Yambits.co.uk states its's a 130). Also make sure air filter is clean.
  5. Time Left: 13 days and 11 hours

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    Hi I have for sale various speedos and headlights. All items are brand new and genuine Yamaha in original boxes UK spec. If You interested please drop me a message or email.

    1.00 GBP

    Lubin - PL

  6. Good day. First of i hope i am in the right place mods feel free to move it otherewise. So i recently bought a xsr900 from 2016. It has run for 2000 miles. The last 124 miles i have bin notecing a new vibration. It starts at 5k and enda att about 6k rpms. It is noticable in the handlebars and fotpegs but alot more in the fotpegs. The vibrations are Still there egen i have it in neutral with/without the clutch engaged. Its getting to a point where My feet är loosing feeling. So has anyone hade a similar problem or know what might caus it ? Best regards
  7. Hi i own the xvs 1300 midnight star have had it just less than 1 year so far. Done some work on it myself paint tyres bars usual stuff. Done some repair work aswell after i lost faith in the local garages. But thats another story . And Used daily for work transport Cheers, AJ (anthony5900)
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    I am wanting to either sell or swap my cobra pipes i prefer the straight pipe look and prefer to have them than these even though they are the most expensive set on the market. I either want the vance and hines blavk slash cut that you see for the xvs 1300 stryker or the cobra speedsters long or short not fussed. If not ill sell these and out money towards the new set i want thanks. Let me know please. Pretty Good condition some surface rust on the other side not visible but will clean this up if sold when i take them off.

    400.00 GBP


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  10. Variomatic


    Have you checked that the battery is accepting a charge? Make sure it's actually not putting out voltage. It could also be that the stator has given out, also check for bad grounds, lose wires, all the usual stuff
  11. Lower displacement Yamahas are kinda known for having this issue, sometimes if you leave them in the sun for a long time on a hot day the fuel pump starts acting up, opinions vary on the solution online, but when this happened to mine last year I replaced the pump and it worked fine. You should be able to find a replacement pump on ebay relatively cheaply, and they're pretty simple to change yourself.
  12. tauber71


    my bike is not charging so I have changed regulator on it but what else could be the problem ?
  13. trents give good money for knackered bikes I think £50 and a packet of Rizlas
  14. finnerz89

    Find old moped

    Quick check on the reg plate shows no MoT or history and that the tax ran out in 2011 Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  15. dwarf1

    Find old moped

    I'm tryng to fine my old moped that I had as a kid. it's a Yamaha fs1e reg plate MUM929p. Can anybody help. Cheers
  16. Handy for when they sneak up behind you!
  17. Hi guys, im sorry if this post isn't supposed to be here, but right now I just sat down with a beer trying to figure what the hell is going on with my yamaha. Ive had issues from day focking 1 with this bike and today the damn bike broke down on me after sitting in the sun for a few hours (it was quite hot). I rode it to work this morning, no problems, rode home, no problems. Since the weather were good I left it outside while eating dinner, but when I was ready to set off, it fired up like normal, but died pretty quick. Id say it ran for about 5 sec and then died. She did NOT want to start after that, and it didn't prime the fuel pump when I turned on the ignition like it should. I tried once using start-gas, just to check if that would make it fire. And it did for a sec so it has spark and compression. I topped it up with fuel this morning so it has plenty of fuel. I left it in the garage for a few hours, and tried again. It started right away! But this time the fuel pump made its priming-sound. Is my fuel pump dying? Is this related to the hot weather? I took it for a ride an hour ago and stopped at a parking lot, restarting the engine a couple of times, just to check that the the fuel pump kept priming like its supposed to, and it did. ( I`ll never buy a injector bike again, its too much electronics and problems. Carb bikes are better) Is my fuel pump dying? Was it caused by the hot weather? Id say 30+ Celsius in the sun, so id consider that as hot..
  18. Seemingly a better engine with the upright cylinders. But similar to the earlier Triumph T150's, I do not like the "breadbin" tank.
  19. Hi there, I've been reading lots of posts on here hoping for some help but nothing seems to quite match, anyway... 1987 dt125lc mark3. Was going pretty well, now when it starts up, usually first kick, there seems to be no throttle response except for a backfire. It idles very low, maybe 500rpm. If you slowly move the throttle you can get it to sit at 2000rpm but it still bogs on giving throttle. Randomly if you keep trying the throttle the symptoms seem to disappear. Sometimes if you mess with the throttle cable it seems like it fixes the problem, but it usually comes back again. Very occasionally it will race and you have to shut it down. When its having a good spell it goes great! Things tried so far, crank seals, stator, carb rebuild, plug, also general rewiring including regulator/rectifier and all lighting. If anyone has any tips that would be great.
  20. very nice, for some strange reason I prefer the BSA version though
  21. Cynic


    Not that I'm aware of. Uban myth from the UK restrictions maybe. LC models had washers but don't think they went to the US. More likely on a 78 is your high speed coil is failing. Check the stator resistances. The 78 cdi uses 2 Coils one for low rpm the other for high. Known as a 7 wire system amongst owners. Yep 7 wires between the cdi and the mag. The approx point where the system switches over between Coils is 6k.
  22. Ooo now that's very nice! Maybe I need an old triple to go with my modern one Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  23. Hi guys. Recently brought the mk3 after turning 17. And have had a problem with it running. I had the carb ultrasonic clean cause it was bogging and occasionally backfiring. After having it cleaned the bike ran fine. After this I let it stood and the problem reoccurred. I soldered a new source coil onto the stater cause the back firing made me think it was electrical. Anyway suggestions on what it could be ???
  24. Yeah this is the problem. Who to trust.
  25. stephencunningham


    hi guys and girls my first post.I have a 1978 dt175 that came from Pennsylvania .It runs well but will not rev past 6k .Someone told me that some american models had a washer in the exhaust,is there any truth in this? It is very low miles 2700
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