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  2. Thanks for both the Ebay and Aldi advice. Not spotted bespoke liners on Ebay but didn't think to search for 'bespoke'. I'll give it a try. Failing that ... Ali here I come.
  3. Sounds like you need to keep a decent distance behind you too.
  4. Driving on the Parkway in Plymouth, outside lane minding my own business - outside lane hoggers galore - see the red brake lights light up couple of 100 yards in front so start to back off a bit - the chap in front in a crappy Fiesta drives it right slap bang into the back of a very nice Audi in front of him ........... WTF !! Bits flying everywhere but missed most of it because I was hugging the centre anyway. While they were slowing down passed them on the inside giving the guy in the Fiesta the one handed salute Be safe out there peeps ............ AND ........... keep plenty of distance between your front mudguard and the cager in front.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I use Aldi bags in my 36L Givi panniers. Fit great and are waterproof
  7. Finally got round to getting the carb off and found that on the side with the diaphragm one corner had snapped off and glued up with exhaust paste... guessing this would cause the above symptoms. Anyone know where I can get a good quality replacement?
  8. Hey guys, I have just joined after perusing your forum for many answers over the last couple of months. Love the forum and the great advice going on here! I have recently inherited a 'recently running' 1983 XS250 special, to add to my collection of not yet running XS's. It's the DOHC YICS model. I started with the usual stuff, ultrasonic cleaned the carbs, inline filter, new plugs, new oil. It WILL NOT START. unless I spray it with 'start ya bastard' an ether spray, then it fires instantly, I have to keep the idle speed at 2000+ RPM and it will run all day, as soon as I let go of the throttle, she dies. Even when warm, it won't start again until I spray it again and then it starts straight away. Any ideas?
  9. Last week
  10. I know I should be in the "for sale" section, but I'm giving this away for nothing. The only stipulation is whoever want's it must collect from Chippenham, Wiltshire. Also the only drawback is that about 15 years ago the tank sprung a leak, as you can see I have sealed the bottom of the tank but I think that the inside of the tank will need some sort of internal sealant. BTW, the colour is "Dark Siam Metallic"
  11. Mary

    Tdm 900 buying advice

    The steering lock on my 2002 900 jams and i am reluctant lock it. I would like to replace the ignition switch but cant find one online at a reasonable price. There are plenty for the 850 at reasonable prices but the 900 prices are horrendous. need help. Mary.
  12. It's brilliant when the bike off road due to ill health and you get it back on the road again. Mike.
  13. Have a look on eBay, I bought some for a set of panniers a couple of years ago and seen that a few sellers on there offered bespoke ones
  14. Just in from a 12hr shift, a wee bit tired and read that as "Panty Liners"
  15. Hi all, I'm looking to buy some liners for my hard yamaha panniers fitted on an XVS1300 midnight star. I seem to be able to get some from the USA but only if I am prepared to spend way more on postage than the cost of the liners! Is anyone aware of other options? Thanks
  16. Yip" sounds lean [ blue-ing of downpipes, and popping,, ], just hope you aint burnt a valve ,, do a compression test ,,
  17. slice

    dyna coils

    Hi, I looked and MIKUNI carb parts are available on EBAY plus I found this http://www.motocarb.com/ I'm pretty sure that there are loads of them out there. If the first supplier does not have them then ask them if they know someone else who they could recommend. Good luck.
  18. bobbob

    dyna coils

    hi does anyone help me i need some new macouni carb intake rubbers for the XS500 1977 model. Many Thanks Bob
  19. Front brake has new pads and new fluid. No leaks. Fuse box finally starting causing issues with the clips breaking. This will work for now.
  20. Fantastic bits of kit. I've got a similar one but made by Warrior. 10 minute job to whip off the rear shock linkage etc now
  21. Looks the bollocks slicey
  22. As I said Dutch, I should never have sold my FJ! Someone WILL buy this bloody thing.
  23. I'm sure some people are on crack. one fj1200 combination,sidecar outfit,fitted with an watsonian chassis. that's bin modified to suit the bike , it has 7 mounting points ,I think 3 is legal,thought I would use this many coz hay why not,when your going down the road at 70 plus it makes you less worried its going to fall off,please study photo.s.i bin all ok the uk on this bike with my family and had no problem https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133104937787?_trksid=p11021.c100851.m5053&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20170803121420%26meid%3D9ce3bd17aada493d86b120e69a3a8d0b%26pid%3D100851%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D4%26b%3D1%26sd%3D173957925269%26itm%3D133104937787&ul_noapp=true
  24. So as I asked a few weeks ago "was the ABBA superbike lift any good?" Well to cut a long story short SWMBO has bought it for me for my birthday (YAY) it turned up in several boxes, well what's a birthday without something to open! and she had got me the whole kit and caboodle, I mean the lift the trolly widget and the extension arms for front and rear wheel removal. So I can now take the wheels off and still move the bugger around the garage. It was expensive tho just under 3 hundred quid. Anyway the point of this missive is to say that the thing is just brilliant, after you have attached the bobbins to the bike it's a simple matter to just hoike it into the air with one hand which brings it into the same height as if you were using the centre stand, for which up till now I have to use a lump of wood under the rear wheel to get it to the height where this old sod can then just about get it over the hump onto the stand and that's using both hands and still struggling with 350Kgs of dead weight. So I'm just saying, if you have no centre stand or struggle to use the one on your bike then this thing is the dog's danglies when it comes to ease of use. This is what she got for me. Plus I can now take off the centre stand and suspension and the swing arm to grease them whereas before it took 3 different set ups to do these jobs!
  25. Earlier
  26. Hey folks, have read through a few forums on here and think I am having an issue yall are pretty familiar with. Hoping for a simple fix. I recently purchased a 2008 650 V star from a family member who had it in her garage for the last few months. six months or so without being started or anything. So I know the fuel was trash and the lines needed flushing and the jets in the carb needed cleaning. Immediately got to work. Drained the tank, removed speedo, removed tank, removed air box assembly, removed carb, cleaned jets meticulously, allowed jets to soak for a while in carb cleaner and wiped everything down/blew it out. Bought new o rings and gaskets and re assembled. Replaced spark plugs and fuel filter and air filter. after lines were cleaned, tank was cleaned, carb was cleaned and minor surface cracking in air intake boots had been taken care of bike was re assembled. Put high qaulity fuel in tank with appropriate amounts of seafoam to treat the areas i couldnt reach manually. Replaced the battery as well. The bike will crank healthily and act like it is trying to idle, but die within three or four seconds. every single time. I am not too familiar with how to adjust air/fuel mixture, or if my idle speed screw was even set correctly. When I reassembled the carb i tried my best to set everything back to where it was originally. HELP! very much would like to get this bike going before the end of the day today so i can register it on my lunch break tomorrow. Any thoughts/recommendations?
  27. Same with all security you cannot ever completely prevent something being stolen, you just make it harder to steal than somebody elses. Sad world we live in. The scumbags view of 'its insured'. I hate it but we only have one world.
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