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  3. didn't say you need to throttle up
  4. i can´t give the bike revelations, the engine dies when trying to throttle up
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  6. Thank you Sniff, I actually laughed out loud!
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  8. 86 to 88 European spec, not US. As far as I can tell. Look here, very useful. https://www.cmsnl.com/yamaha-xt350_model16846/
  9. Hi Cynic, model code is l - 55V does this help? thanks
  10. That looks a little short on numbers for me, there is normally a 3 digit model identifier at the beginning. Generally a 3 letter/number combo, a 1978 dt125 is 2A6 as an example.
  11. Time Left: 11 days and 14 hours

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    I’m looking for a seat cowling but I’m having trouble finding one, I’ve contacted yamaha and they’ve been discontinued I’m wondering if anyone has one or can point me in the right direction. Part no: 5YK-W0771-00-00 TIA. Tom


    - GB

  12. Welcome Dek" , i thot the ybr "s were all 125"s ,as the 250 class is defunked after 1981 , ?
  13. Hi All, Need some help please. Just joined you and impressed with info etc available. I have just dragged from a shed a 1990 (ish) XT350 which I was told is an import ? nothing to prove or back this up though. I had her running but had a terrible knocking which turned out to be big end wear, now rebuilt and I'm working through tidying her up. Issue is I have only a frame number (with matching engine no) for the bike, I want to register it but DVLA site is as good as the Yamaha ashtray !! can anyone firstly help me identify the year and also point me in the right direction to register the bike. Frame no 001181 that's all I have. Thanks Andy
  14. I have seen that one. It is for the Oil reset and it is not the same, The “dist serv” doesn’t go away by doing that....
  15. Dec, I suppose Ant will be on his way?
  16. Banjos will be standard and you can get braided lines made up to suit. Search Google for the various suppliers If you go on the Goodrich site you can buy kit to make your own.
  17. Looking to raising the handle bars about 2 inches. Any thoughes on where I can purchase a longer brake hose. Are the banjos a standard size.
  18. Hi folks Just started enjoying the joys of the ybr250. Living in Cheshire. Bit long in the tooth. Been round the block a few times but still enjoying sitting astride a machine. No hitting the red line on the rev counter leaving that to the young guns
  19. How don I reset the service light on my Yamaha mt 125? I cant find anything on Google about it... Can anyone help?
  20. Probably. Google is your friend
  21. fz600 have oil coolers, its basically a screw on part and i converted mine to a spin on filter from a xjr400
  22. Time Left: 9 days and 20 hours

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    Yamaha XS1100 emergency kick lever & carbs . Carbs need overhaul but are complete. Make an offer.


    Willow River, Minnesota - US

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