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  2. you can take the power valve out and rotate it 180 degrees to get a feel for the top end rush. you will lose all bottom end power, then the engine will suddenly go bonkers in the upper rev range. fun to try, but not to live with.
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  4. I am planning to do this operation on my daughter's xv125. Cylinders, heads and another main jet. That's what I am expecting. And perhaps the tci.
  5. Agree with the above, also. Being of a suitable vintage myself i was one of the spotty yobs getting their hands on these at 17 , well there were a few earlier RDZ125s that had powervalve motors about that we cut our teeth on. Much as many folk went out chasing units to power up the servo, the slightly more budget option, better than just opening the valve as without the servo drive it self closes over a few days was far simpler and cheaper. We used to get hold of a lhs powervalve assembly from a 350 (10 a penny at the time) and then use a choke cable from a car, anything works, cortinas and escorts at the time as they were in the breakers but you get my drift. Fit that to the bars somehow, bingo, adjustable power. You will need either 2 cables or a locking choke cable and a return spring. You do need to use a de restricted exhaust and rejet the carb to full power spec or you will destroy the piston (if you need to ask...)
  6. my first and favourite bike was a little TZR125. my advice would be leave it in its restricted state. i eventually bought the ypvs motor for mine, and while it makes the bike a lot faster, it wears the top end out alarmingly quick. derestrict it, and you will be doing regular top end rebuilds.
  7. Hi everyone, i've just bought an early model tzr 125 and while i may also soon be posting asking for help on obscure knowledge for how to get it running perfectly, it should be manageable... (im going to regret saying that) So in short im wondering if anyone remembers the best ways to squeeze reliable power out of the 2rk (i need to check exact engine codes tomorrow) motor and if there are any reliable specialists still about. Also a more specific question i have about my new purchase; do the later model (4dl etc) servo motors for the ypvs valves fit straight onto the earlier models? As i have a U.K restricted model i assume making the YPVS work as intended is one of the best places to start looking to increase power? Any information on good parts to fit on an early model TZR 125 and how to get the YPVS working is greatly appreciated, cheers everyone!
  8. Have you tested it with a multi meter? Yes, it can have a hairline crack in it.
  9. Can it be invisibly broken if the element is not broken
  10. First off, change the primary fuse (it may be invisibly broken), no point going further till you've done that...
  11. Hi all wondered if you could help me at all as I’m not the most mechanically minded. yesterday I was almost at work and slowed down to drive into the car park and my bike cut out no electrics no lights nothing. what would be the process of elimination to check what’s up with it? I have a Haynes manual . a few times I checked on the bike and sometimes when turning the ignition on it made a spluttering noise like a drowning man but then it’s stopped and later on nothing at all.I tried to jump start it with a battery pack but that did nothing .the fuse seems ok as it’s not broken but it looked as old as hell. thanks in advance
  12. Rich = dark plug colour, [ or black] starting > is it with choke or better without,,? ,and if dropping the needle did nowt , it maybe the main jet too big,
  13. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me - really appreciate it. I'm just outside Trowbridge - Hilperton BA14 7HY. I'm ok at 'fixing' stuff, usually pretty good with 12v, I fitted a foglight and spotlights to the trike as well as sat nav and these has been working fine for a couple of years so don't think they are the problem although my plan of campaign this afternoon was to get the seats and tank off and see if there is anything blatantly amiss. Yes, I have a multimeter but to be honest had to look up how to use it on YouTube!! There is an immobiliser fitted to the trike - factory fitted which has a small red light on the dash which flashes intermittently when the engine is off and the key is out but from what I can find out it uses very little power and certainly not enough to drain the battery overnight. I'll give the trike a once over this afternoon but if nothing is staring me in the face I will get someone to come out and have a look see. As you say, I don't want to set fire to it! From what I can find out online it is usually quite simple to locate a short but I think you are right in saying that you do actually need to know what you are looking for! Thanks again for the reply. Cheers Larry
  14. Hi Larry, Ok it's possible you have a short but is there an alarm on the bike/ or is there any sort of USB/ Cigarette lighter type attachment that has been fitted perhaps by the previous owner? If you have a usb charger fitted it can drain the battery if it's not fitted with a switch to turn it off when not in use but if you have a short and your not a good mechanic then my suggestion would be leave the wiring alone and get it sorted by someone who knows what they are doing. Most shorts are are easy to find IF you know what your doing but if you have no clue then you can at worst set the thing on fire! A new battery will hold it's charge for months and if your down to 0.03 volts in a day then it's something that needs looking at asap. Heat is not going to wreck the battery unless it's practically on fire. Where are you in the world? one of us might be nearby and able to offer a quick and dirty hand to help out, do you have a multimeter? plus what skills in the world of mechanics do you have. not trying to be a dick here but bikes are complicated bit's of kit and you need lots of skill to not make matters worse. Photos are a great way to show problems as well plus video if you can manage that, some can't!, We will help if we can but going to need more info before much can be done to help out. Good luck either way mate.
  15. Hello everybody, I have a Yamaha 650XVS Dragstar which has been converted to a Trike. I bought a brand new all singing, all dancing battery for it a couple of months ago as the old battery was not designed for starting engines (I know nothing.) I've been using the Trike twice a week since then, the last ride out was Monday when it was extremely hot. I wanted to go for a run on Thursday but when I turned the key in the slot I got no reaction whatsoever. No neutral light, no engine warning light and no lights on the trike as usually happened. I checked the battery with a multi meter and got a 0.03v reading. I jump started the engine and when idling got 12.5v - 13.00v and under a load (revving) got a reading of 14.5v which I assume means the alternator is working??? I turned the engine off and waited a couple of minutes, took another reading which was 2.58v I waited an hour, took another and the reading was 0.33v which tells me that either the battery is knackered or there is a short somewhere draining it. I'm a very basic amateur mechanic, not into diagnostics etc. so can anyone tell me the best way to find a short (if there is one) or do you think the battery is dead and would the heat on Monday (the engine did get pretty hot) have done some damage somewhere? The battery was a Yamaha battery, which I got from a dealer who told me to perform the checks above but they haven't got back to me since. Any help, advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Larry
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  17. Hi, thanks for the swift responses. I am away for the weekend but will upload some photos next week of spark plug colours and other details etc next week. last time I looked the spark plug was a brown colour so thought that was fine. Have changed air filter few months ago too. Im not sure whether the carb is the stock carb for the engine, also not sure if the jetting is definitely correct - it’s a mikuni 4J300? I lowered the needle jet by two notches, it didnt seem to make much difference. it also is difficult to start - if its running rich is that the plugs being fouled?
  18. i go out after 7:30pm to avoid traffic, or before 9:30am on weekend mornings. taking it easy preserves your licence and allows you to enjoy the scenery my last ride i decided to treat the bike to some salt air. stopped at Barton on sea to enjoy the view across the Solent to the isle if Wight. the car parks had cleared out a lot by the time i got there. its always nice to avoid other people when your a miserable old git like me
  19. went out with a mate to Southport carousel Took it really easy as too warm and the car drivers just CBA driving sensibly. Avoided a few situations if I'd been a bit faster. Lots of harvesters and tractors out too ATM
  20. I’m selling my R6 number plate
  21. No, not getting time to do it... Think I'm just going to drop it into Padgetts and have it done.
  22. have you got yours back on the road yet?
  23. Sounds like its 4 Stroking ,,[ rich],, whats the plug colour look like,,,, have the jets been tampered with ,? Air filter ? you looked ?
  24. What colour are your spark plugs when you take them out? Pictures would be good...
  25. On my DT 125 MX (1981), whenever I go WOT and a reach higher revs in each gear the engine starts stuttering rapidly and won't rev/accelerate any higher. This is annoying because it happens just as I get into the powerband. If I change the spark plug, the bike runs pretty sweet and can rev much higher but then after a few rides it goes back to the stuttering problem. Any suggestions to fix this? Cheers
  26. put the gpx files in drop box https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qa6p9a9s6q3hokb/AAAOB8gx36JErJTunerbirZra?dl=0
  27. just says this on all of them
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