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  2. Hi there, yeh parts are scarce , plenty in the USA,, but customs beef up cost ,,
  3. That is probably your biggest problem. The DT has a nasty effect on its ebay values. parts are hoarded or sold piecemeal. Literally by the nut and bolt by some arseholes, while quoting how rare they are. A lot of the parts are not that rare but may be expensive. Tanks and side panels are a worry, side panels go missing and tanks rot. Clocks too if damaged, as long as your hubs are good the wheels will not be an issue. Likewise the frame is strong and unlikely to need more than cleaning up once stripped, just about all the engine parts except the obvious things like engine cases are available from Fowlers in Bristol. You can waste time going elsewhere but these days I find there is little point. (I have a DT175 and aTDR250, fowlers is my primary goto for parts for both). You picked a good one to build, no electronic rubbish to tip you up either.
  4. Should really start a fresh thread of your own, tagging onto a long dead line will get little response.
  5. Hi Guys, need a little feedback if anyone can help. I have a 2000 drag star classic it has had some aftermarket items fitted such as a kiuriakyn hyper charger and cobra slash cuts fitted. It has been up jetted to compensate but I am getting excessive backfiring on overrun and a drop in top speed although the throttle response I wanted has been achieved. A friend suggested fitting baffles to give some back pressure but I am no mechanic and do not want to make things worse by just adding things willy nilly or bugger up the engine as I do love the old girl and have enjoyed many a fair mile on her
  6. Thanks dude. definatly going to need loads of advice. Dont really know where to start at the mo, finding it really hard to locate any parts.
  7. Welcome to the forum Bud, there are a few DT folk on here, so you should get help
  8. Last week
  9. So about a couple of years back i traded an old Honda project for a fairly decent Yamaha DT100 LT2 which i though would make a great base for a project. Only just got round to starting it, i am by no means an expert mechanic i have picked up a few things over the years but decided its in my best interest to join up a forum to seek advice from people that are more knowledgeable than me over the next few months i am hoping to post up pictures https://drive.google.com/file/d/12Q77UiutTiY2a7-m2Ds3oJpLh6aAtjG6/view?usp=drivesdk of the process in getting it road worthy and registered on an age related plate :) and hope to make many friends along the way
  10. Handlebars sorted... impressed with some from Indonesia of all places. Identical to the ones I remember and appear good quality too. Time will tell...
  11. An eye-watering $1500 (and I'll also have the aforementioned tax...) but the 'bike is worth every penny. IF I come to sell it (I shan't - it'll be passed to my son) I could even make a couple of grand. But that's not what this is about - I'm livin' the dream !!
  12. you can sell me the other one Slice
  13. Good point, well made. I just put one of the expanders behind the lower ring [they are sat on the dining table]. It clearly takes up a small amount of play and keeps the ring more concentric. As it is zero hassle to fit them, i put them in. Thanks Neo.
  14. Joe_wr125x

    Obd port

    Is there an obd port on a wr125 and if so where is it ? Thanks
  15. drewpy

    Bollocks, ahh well

    cool, think I put a bigger carb on too
  16. NE0

    2 Stroke ignorance

    I've just been trawling through a few piston ring manufactures websites AE , Hastings, Nevlock, MI, and found an answer to the question of the spring ring behind: ..." It is their to apply additional radial pressure to the piston ring. This increases the unit pressure applied at the cylinder wall. " So there you go.!
  17. NE0

    2 Stroke ignorance

    The purpose of the "wiggly ring" is to keep the lower ring central, taking up the free space (regardless of how much space you perceive there to be!) and keeps the ring central and equi-distant all around. Just because the original rings don't have them is no basis to leave them out. You may find that the original ring is a little wider in its cross section thereby not needing them, whereas the newer ring may be that little bit smaller to enable the 'wiggly ring to sit behind it!! Manufacturers don't include them for fun or as an 'optional extra' after all their R&D. When I did my engine , i put them in as supplied..... If l had left them out and for whatever reason I wasn't happy with the performance ....I wouldn't want to strip it ALL down again just to put them in!!
  18. Yes. Just freshening up the top end. Suz's fiches do not show that ring and the original pistons dont have them. Wont bother with them.
  19. What are they going on, the Suzuki?
  20. Ta. I thought it might be an 'expander' for the lower ring. Funny as there isn't one on either of the existing pistons. I'm gonna leave them out.
  21. Goes on behind the lower piston ring, honestly I don't know what it does, seen it a few times on 2 strokes I have blown u...… er serviced! over the years. Bit of extra spring maybe, thermal gap, dunno. The opposite extreme on the daughters scoot, that only has one piston ring.
  22. Cynic

    Bollocks, ahh well

    Hmm, when I said expensive bits I didn't realise quite how far someone had taken it. This was a monster once. If only the last moron knew what he had. There is a good 7 to 800 quidsworth of go go goodies on this thing, the pipe is 200quid (for a scoot that's juicy) full circle all steel crank (150+) top end (160) considering a stock pot from the bay of evil is 30 quid with gaskets. Suitable crank bearings are c4 rated 20000rpm with fibre cages. Plus the uprated variator and clutch. All from the same firm, reading the technical its supposed to run fully synth premix (stock pump cannot cope), although in normal road work I think it will do, and a stronger drive belt Done right this thing is a rocket, a proper bullet. Brakes are monster too, front caliper is from the 125 (bigger caliper same disk). Considering the potential of this thing how did the morons who had it let it fall so far, it would have had god like status when I was 16. Yes I will be dialing the throttle back restricting the carb slide for her to get her early wobbles done with. The stock carb does hold it back. The blurb recommends a 24mm for all round performance or, get this a 28mm for racing.
  23. Can someone tell me what the 'wiggly' ring is for in a piston kit? like the one below on the top right:
  24. Having retired from biking due to old age and stiff vertebrae, l find myself volunteered to replace the above for my grandson Can anybody point me to a tutorial or better still video showing how it's done please? I did maintain all my previous bikes, T140V Bonneville, 850 Commando and DBD34 Rocket Gold Star so no averse to spinning the spanners Thanks for reading
  25. I had such enthusiasm for biking all year round when I first started on a bike... My L plate days saw me riding my 125 at 5am over the Pennines for 50 non-motorway miles. I remember always passing a Bland European rider most mornings who gave me the most excited wave. For 50 miles in winter it was always just him I saw on two wheels. He always helped to spur me along. Aside from that though the commute in winter was tough - the headlight was pants, cars used to sit up my arse, sheep and ducks could be found around most bends and I was generally clueless on 2 wheels! Fast forward and I found myself leaving home even earlier to trek 200 miles into central London on my Street Triple. That bike had zero weather / wind protection, and being honest I was a little too tall for it on such a long trek (sore knees). That bike was twitchy as feck on the throttle, but I still managed to ride it in snow and ice. I used to arrive in London with a blue face and even popped round to Airheads home once with my jacket covered in ice [emoji23] What has happened to me now I don’t know... I’ll still commute in poor weather if I need, but my car is the preference (I’ve always favoured the car on a short trip anything less than 300 miles, haha). But I’ve gone from doing all the above in nothing more than Kevlar jeans and a £100 jacket to riding about on a bike with hand guards, heated seats and grips, electronically adjustable screen whilst wearing base layers, heated jacket and a Rukka suit haha! Bottom line... I’ve been there, done it. Will do it again if needed, but will happily sit in my warm car during winter [emoji41]
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