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  2. Not sure bud, but having done a few bikes, I would just say make sure you take plenty of pictures and notes
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  4. Good day to you,, sounds interesting ,,
  5. Hi all, just bought a couple a basket cases to get back on the road for a Spanish trip next year. Welcome any help and advice Owen
  6. Hi all, just won a couple of XTs on fleabag and need to get them on the road, they are not registered and are off road based. Googling round there is not a specific workshop manual but does anyone know if the XT600 has the same engine so I can use that one? Cheers Owen
  7. Waiting on new clutch plates to rebuild the clutch and then I will be re-tuning with the colortune and doing another sync with the gauges. The stack looked good (apart from the friction discs) until I unstacked it. A few were black from being burnt up so I decided to just put all new discs and plates in the clutch. Less worry about something blowing apart.
  8. Best place to look would be fowler's parts. Check the parts drawings for both bikes and compare the numbers.
  9. Hi all, I am in the process of restoring a 1997 registered YZF-750R to original condition. The undertray and rear mudguard on this bike has been cut down by previous owner(s) so I am looking to replace this with an uncut original. The question I have is this; Is the undertray for a 1996-onwards bike the SAME part as that used in the 1993/1994 model? Thanks for any answers... regards Graham
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  11. Hi, I have a Majesty YP 250 from the year 2000. Bought her for a song 6 months back (at 28k miles), and replaced a few bits to use for the daily commute. Soon after getting the Maj. had a drive belt snap (likely it was very old). Got a genuine Yamaha belt and replaced. Noted that variator pulley had a slight 'step' in it, which was notable when throttle off from about 60mph down to 55-ish. Anyway, six months and about 4.5k miles after replacing belt it's gone again. Considering replacing both pulleys along with new belt, and have a couple of questions for any thoughts, please: 1) Majesty pulleys for older years seem nigh on impossible to find at justifiable price. Are there other bike models (X-max etc?) whose pulleys are identical? 2) Are aftermarket belts generally stronger (Kevlar reinforced?) than the Yam one? Many thanks to all. Jon
  12. Smell the oil also " if its contaminated with fuel, the carbs need looked at, this would raise the oil level,
  13. About 4lts of oil Just googled it and it should be 3.7lts Did you buy it from a shop or private, I'll assume private. I would have given it back to the bloke and told him give me a call when it was fixed. The breather for the engine will probably be in the air box and overfilling with oil can cause some blowback. Now you have it, you should do an oil change ensuring you put the correct amount in. Buy a manual if you don't have one already. You can even download them of t'internet and hope you haven't blown any seals. Oh and stick an intro into the new members section. You'll get a better response that way
  14. Hello, I just bought my self a midnight star 1300 and shortly after i left in about 5 miles oil start to come out from the air intake casing, but a really propper amount of it that pored on the engine, exhaust and everywhere. I asked the guy and he said that when he changed the oil he put in about 4 liters of oil. Some other guy said that it is a common issue with Yamaha's and it is from a faulty rocker cover, and if i start listening to everybody... i will get nowhere After it took out about 2-300ml (by the looks) it stopped leacking and it gived blue smoke for about 10 miles. After that nothing came out any more. Left it for 2 days and when started up,again a big cloud of smoke till it warm for a bit and again nothing Checked the oil level still over max level on the stand Should i be concerned? Thank you in advance
  15. Welcome in Whisper , " aye tiz cold and dreich ,,,
  16. Welcome to the nuthouse matey
  17. Hi all! just checking in to say hello. Winter is coming upon us, but don’t despair. A new light will dawn! Got a Xj900 f from 1992. New to me last summer and very liked. Silent, smooth and agile. Just bought a Madstad windshield to reduce wind noise and buffeting. Hope it will work out! whisper
  18. Are you sure there are 2 indicator relays. Doesent seem like something Yamaha would do.
  19. Welcome.. member Plinningas on here has the same bike,,
  20. Hi mate hope you enjoy your yamaha
  21. I'd be changing the relay then mate.
  22. Just Bought a 2013 Black 26k Yamaha Fazer FZ8 .I live in St Albans Herts ,England . Looking forward to many trouble free miles s . John
  23. Hi good day fellow Yamaha club members, I am in the process of restoring my dads old bike, a Yamaha FZR 150, with the frame and engine # 3KW. I am based in Manila Philippines. The fairings had been neglected and I am looking at just getting an OEM of the Yamaha FZR 250, will the fairing fit or will I need to have a great deal of modification to make it work? Thank you. Hoping for your kind response.
  24. Sounds like a relay issue to me. Is there a separate relay for each side?
  25. Hey guys, A few weeks ago I was riding my YBR when someone hit me and obviously caused a crash making me break my hand and knuckles... Since then I keep checking over the bike etc. For when I can ride again and have never came across this with my R6 or R1, but the right hand side blinkers aren’t working properly... the rear comes on and doesn’t blink/flash and the front doesn’t come on at all, the dash light stays on too and doesn’t blink. The left hand side is fine Confused, Any ideas?
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