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  2. Help!!! I am not a novice but I am stumped, I purchased a 2007 V Star 1100 Classic. When I looked at the bike it was popping and the number 2 pipe had bluing. it still had power and throttled up nice with some deaccelerate popping. The bike had after market Cobra pipes, and figured it was a carburation issue or vacuum. I drove the bike for about a week and out of no where it started bogging down and losing power. I rebuilt and cleaned the carburetors and cleaned and secured all vacuum lines. The carbs were bad and after rebuilding them out the popping went away and the idle is fine. but the bogging and loss of power was still there. when I throttle it up all the way in neutral, when it hits full throttle the RPMS goes up and down. So after I was finished I went to start it and the starter clutch went out, So I installed the new upgraded Yamaha starter clutch, All repair parts are OEM parts. The only thing I have not done yet was changed out the fuel pump but the fuel filter has been changed out. I have never had a bike do this before and I grew up on them and have always done my own work. I am almost think it can be electrical or not enough fuel pressure to keep a consistent gas flow. Has anyone ever had this problem with a V star?? I never had an issue one with my 2005 V star, but I have read the 2007 does have some factory issues mainly the starter clutch. Thank y'all in advance for any feedback. Acer12
  3. Hello all, I hope that you are having a good day, I just wanted to introduce you to my website that I have been putting together: https://www.thatbikesound.com/ I have been all around the country recording motorbikes using professional broadcast-grade sound and video equipment. I have used a fixed camera and microphone position to give an accurate sound comparison across all bikes on the website. Yamaha as a manufacturer is quite well represented on the site and I really hope that it will be of use or enjoyment to some people on here! (high quality speakers or headphones are recommended to get the true sound). https://www.thatbikesound.com/yamaha-allmodels The catalogue is growing all the time as I try to collect every bike and exhaust combination there is, so do check back for new additions. Thank you for reading! Best wishes, ThatBikeSound
  4. Very good Slice, enjoyed recreating the ride. Amazing scenery, just goes to show you can't beat the UK in the sun
  5. "......... what the f8ck is that all about ?? ............." classic ...
  6. Last week
  7. T E O

    Wanted - Swing Arm

    Hello I am looking for a replacement swing arm for a Yamaha XV Virago 535 DX 1999 model. Has anyone got one they wish to sell?
  8. Great vid Slice, any more,,,,,, uncut version !
  9. Great stuff, Slice! Personally I love your expletive commentary - we need more of it! “Where the f&$% are we goin’?” Haha! I started sifting through my clips and will also pull something together when I am back home at the weekend.
  10. Well I sort of got this video uploaded and hope you all enjoy it, it's only a flavour of the day but it was fun out there never the less. I'm sorry about the language on the video if you show it to your kids or partners please turn the volume down! Well here goes nothing. Also it seems I have had my camera set on 480p not the 1080p it should have been so the quality is well to be honest crap, I will see if I can upload an better version later. https://youtu.be/wLROAaQliVo
  11. Afternoon Gents, ive been away from my bike for a while and recently took it in to a garage for mot and service, also it turn over but not start. Changed plugs, emptied fuel tank and replaced with fresh (just encase). Upshot was a mashed starter clutch, garage changed it. Now it’s misfiring when in idle. The mechanic, good bloke, said he thinks it may be ECU related. I’ve had a look online and there is talk about the ECU resetting itself after just riding it in on a long hard drive. What the general consensus? New ECU? Flash the ECU? Or thrash it?
  12. OK how did you get hold of my ECG readings ?
  13. that narrow road with mud in the middle
  14. Ok so I tested everything except the CDI which I cannot test, the valve works when connected straight to battery but when I connect the bike to the battery amd put ignition to ON the valve doesnt move, so im guessing the previous owner ran the bike without the battery and fried the CDI. My next problem is where can I get a CDI that doesnt cost 200€ and I know it works, it is an 3rm-20
  15. Have you got a good battery,,,, this bike will not do anything right without a good charged battery
  16. Hello everyone just bought myself a project bike it is a yamaha dtr125 2002 and it has no spark. I changed all of the common stuff spark plug ignition coil... I tested the pickup coil it is showing 285ohms. When I put the ignition ON I dont hear the ypvs motor turning. So im guessing if my CDI is dead the motor should not work or it should? And how does that motor work for example how will it turn over if I dont have battery on?
  17. Yes Bip, great to meet you,,,,ment to say that in my other post. Ya did a great job being tale end Charlie,,,,,, your a good rider, I could tell from my mirror's,,,,,, so don't be scared to mix it up a bit in the middle of the group.
  18. The right man for the job, who better than Duke Nukem to be the fire starter. Especially as me and pat were busy keeping the beer flowing
  19. That road was amazing, although I had to really time my overtake because you’re a sucker for flooring it out of the bends...! I completely forgot to thank Cynic for serving as our ever patient fire starter and Drewps for some good cooking.
  20. What a fantastic weekend I couldn’t have dreamt it better, thanks as always to Andy for getting us there and to Merv organising it so brilliantly. Thanks for the patience of all behind me lol Bipps you are the best tail end Charlie, I doubt anyone could have done it better. Bipps you blew me away, going home, wow you can a shift on that thing, I saw my arse when it started to rain, guess I just don’t get out enough, let’s do it all again soon
  21. Sometimes on todays really complex motorcycles you have moments like this where the fuel temperature sender says the fuel has suddenly dropped 20 degrees but the bike is hot and the brain has a bit of a 'huh?' When you pushed it away and then started it things had most likely come back 'within normal operating limits'. Or it compensated somehow.
  22. No guarantees as its a mongrel, you will need to connect and see what happens with the tail light, I would expect the yellow to be the brake light personally, on my dt the tail light feed is blue with the earth being black. As for the indicators brown is right, green is left. Pretty much all yams have it that way.
  23. That sounds to me like you seized it from oil starvation. The ticking is most likely the remnants of the rings, could also be dry valve gear. I would not hold much hope for anything above gearbox level being any good. The valve gear floats on an oil film so the cam dies first taking the head with them. (likely the noise) the piston and rings will be toasted as that will have been the seizure when the piston heats up and swells in the bore stopping it (lunching the rings normally). When it cools down it will generally restart but wounded and limping. Not good, important point is.. ANY good bike mech with the parts to hand can re do that top end in a couple of hours tops. Any good mech will not talk about carbs and timing either with this that's just pub mechanics. Simple fact, an engine without oil, will die.
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